Pug 106 starting problems - PhilN

I've got a '97 106 1.1, and it seems to be having a few problems with starting. When you start the engine (from cold) it starts ok, but immediately bogs down so it's on the verge of stalling (which it sometimes does). This happens whenever the engine is left to idle for the first few minutes in the morning, after this it's fine.
Not being the most technically minded of people, i couldn't see anything immediately obvious under the bonnet which would cause this - i've tried increasing the engine idle speed a little, but no joy, it's still bogging down...
Any ideas/advice greatly appreciated!
Pug 106 starting problems - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
May be something as simple as dirt build-up around the throttle plate and idle speed controller depending which system is fitted. A partially blocked map sensor pipe may be another cause.It is not a good idea to tamper with the factory set throttle base position as this can cause problems for the management system.
Best get it to your dealer if you are comfortable with them or a trusted, suitably equipped independent.

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Pug 106 starting problems - Vagelis
Maybe a faulty coolant-temperature sensor? If the engine runs fine when warm, something keeps it from doing so when cold.
Pug 106 starting problems - DL
Possibly a faulty idle speed control valve - had an identical car in exhibiting the same symptoms a few weeks back.

About £120ish for the part.

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