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Please help. I have had the AA out to my galaxy 1997 2.0glx, they told me the air compressor has seized up which is why my belt snapped and told me it was a costly job. However if I wanted I could get a belt that did not drive the air con, but would have to do without air con, loooking at how much I have been quoted for air con, I decided to do with out it, but the Ford garage I have contacted say they have to put the belt round the compressor and cannot fit a belt to drive everything else without the air con. Please help me; are Ford ripping me off? Can I get belts that drive everything else and do not need to go around the compressor or am I going to have to pay out £700?
ford galaxy Air Con - Cheeky
Check out a breakers yard or second hand spares. If you get the parts yourself, ask a friendly local garage to install. Cheaper than Ford - no point going there now anyway as they cost the earth and you are out of warranty
ford galaxy Air Con - Dave N
I think you'll find the compressor is in the way of the belt run for a non a/c belt. But if the compressor is siezed internally, then you can still run the belt around the compressor pulley, but don't turn the a/c on. If the pulley itself has siezed, then you'll have to remove the compressor. But if it's only the pulley that's seized, then a repair won't be as expensive, as it will only need the compressor replaced, without changing and cleaning the rest of the system that would normally be done if the compressor has broken up inside.

You don't say exactly what has happened, nor the engine size/type, as this can determine what has failed and it's likely consequences. If you give us this info, then you may be able to get a/c without breaking the bank too much.
ford galaxy Air Con - sarg3
How can ford be ripping you off?????
You have a vehicle with a a/c pump fitted. And that pump has failed. This means that the pump needs replacing.
The fan belt listed for your vehicle will run around the a/c pump.

Now where is the problem.?
I cant see it.
Ripping you off????

Do you mean that you have bought a vehicle with added extras that you cant afford to service????

How is it that your problems always but always turn into the garage is ripping me off line.

I bet if the ford garage fitted the wrong belt and it was too tight causing the alternator bearing to fail, even though they have saved you the price of a compressor, YOU would say its the garages fault because the wrong belt was fitted!!

Now think long and hard about the Ripping Me Off line!!!!

Ok Rant over.

Dave N is quite right, if the clutch has failed then that will need replacement. If the pump has failed then just dont turn it on.
ford galaxy Air Con - Ivor E Tower
Galaxy air con is a weak point and prone to failures. The compressors cost about £450 plus VAT from Ford dealers and fitting can be done in a couple of hours. I know - I'm one of many who have had trouble with their Galaxy aircon systems under warranty. See technical threads for more info. This is an invaluable site for Galaxy owners like me.
Good luck.

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