VW Golf ?? - automaticallyuk
Does anyone have any thoughts about the current VW Golf 1.4 E ?

One site has them advertised at less than £9K. Is that a bargain for the quality that you get ?
VW Golf ?? - jud
I would rate it underpowered, the 1.6 would be no less economical, and that its quite poor due to the weight of the car.
VW Golf ?? - P E
We have had a 1.4E in the family for nearly 3 years. It is underpowered, but it has been a very reliable car. If I had the chance again I would definately have gone for the 1.6 or possibly even the sdi.

VW Golf ?? - DavidHM
VW quality - little better than average.

VW safety - ditto - good safety equipment but not amazing crash performance.

VW space, equipment and driving pleasure, at least on this car, distinctly below average.

For £9k, you can get a base model Mégane with either five doors, or a three door with alloy wheels, and having driven both - although not the 1.4 Golf - the Mégane feels like the newer generation car that it is. With an extra 23 bhp over a Focus, Golf or 307, it's not even particularly underpowered.

If having an underpowred three door isn't a worry for you, but Mégane quality is, get a Focus 1.4, Corolla or Civic 1.4, any of which can be had for under £9,500 and are streets ahead of the Golf in every respect other than VWness.

(Or even a five door Leon as Andy suggests in the other thread - okay it's got all the Golf's shortocmings but at least it's a five door and has a decent spec.)


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