VW Golf - A Diejomaoh
I wonder if anyone can assist me, I drive a VW Golf (1.6 driver: 1991), when I get up to 50mph on the motorway the car starts to swerve and judder (as if caught in crosswinds). can anyone assist we the likely cause.
Does anyone know any VW independent specialist in the NW london area.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Re: VW Golf - David Woollard
It is hard to know what you judge to be swerving and juddering but it sounds serious and dangerous.

I'm sure a decent Motor Engineer should find the cause of this quite quickly if it is that bad.

Possibly suspension bushes, track rod ends, wheel balance (not the swerve though). What about very bad shock absorbers?

Re: VW Golf - Andy Bairsto
Another possibillity is that it a rebuild with a twisted floor pan.
Get it off the road! - David Lacey
This sounds like a potentially very dangerous car to grace our roads

Get it checked out NOW, before anything horrible happens

It does indeed sound as though the shock absorber(s) are unserviceable.


Re: VW Golf - Roger Jones
St Albans isn't that far from NW London, so if you're willing to go that distance then you'll get great service from Mike Chapman -- 01727 844179.
Re: VW Golf - Matt Kelly
Can't say what's causing your problems but you could try Aircool in Highbury. I've never used them but they've been going ages & are quite well known.

58A Highbury Grove
N5 2AG

Tel: 020 72261436
Fax: 020 73596086

Re: VW Golf - Ben Chapman
Sounds like it could knackered strut-top mountings that are causing the juddering- they can have an odd effect on the handling. If you replace them, use good quality VAG ones, the 16v ones are about 21.50 + VAT i think. Dont use pattern ones, they dont last.


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