heavy clutch mk2 golf - Sarb11
I've been told that my clutch is getting heavy and will need replacing. What are the causes of this? It's a 1.3 and done 61000mls. The gears are a bit grapply and there is a noise on depressing and releasing the clutch pedal which is quite stiff.
Will I need a completely new clutch?
heavy clutch mk2 golf - sb
have you tried adjusting the cable? That's what I used to do when the gears got difficult to engage on my golf, lightened up the action too. There's a rubber bush at the lever end of the cable which can deteriorate over time and tightening up the cable can compensate for this, you could also try replacing the bush.
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Kuang
Doesn't the Mk2 have a self adjusting mechanism? Mine was a 1985 1.3 and I'm sure that did.

Sounds like the cable might be grating inside the outer sleeve - has it been pushed to one side or repositioned recently to allow access to something else? ISTR the MK2 being notorious for snapping and snagging clutch cables because of the angles involved in the cable path between the pedal and the clutch itself. I'm fully prepared to be wrong though ;)

I don't know about the wisdom of spraying WD-40 or similar up the cable outer, but it worked a treat on my mountain bikes ;)
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Sarb11
i just replaced the cable as the other one had a few strands left on it due to rust. But the old cable was heavy as well. I just wanted to know whether this "heaviness" is caused a worn out component in the clutch or as u guys think just the cable.
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Dynamic Dave
Can you elaborate on the noise made when you depress or release the clutch pedal? Is it a squealing/screeching type of noise?
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Sarb11
Yes Dave that is exactly the sound made it happens when the cluth is towards the bottom. Also as the clutch is released (towards the top) and fully engaged there is a judder/clanking sound after changing gear.
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Halmer
I had the same problem on my 1.3 Golf. I still have the car.

I tried lubricating the pedal, clutch cable etc. Minor improvement but in the end I invested in a new clutch. It's better now but you will have to bear in mind that it is an old design; the clutch was probably heavy when it was driven out of the showroom in the eightees.

Mine has done 69,000 miles and apart although it's pathetically slow and pretty dreadful to drive I wouldn't swop it for anything.
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Richard Hall
Older Golfs have a very strange clutch design, and one of the characteristics is that the clutch action becomes heavier as the clutch plate wears. A partly seized clutch cable can make the clutch even heavier, but as you've already found, replacing the cable is unlikely to be the whole solution at this stage. Sooner or later something will give way under the strain. On a Mk1 it would probably be the bulkhead, where the clutch cable passes through it. On a Mk2 it's more likely to be the cable itself which snaps.

The good news is that a clutch change on a Mk2 Golf is pretty straightforward and the parts aren't too dear, so any half decent garage should be able to sort you out for a reasonable price.

Richard Hall
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Kuang
Unless they're a certain Volskwagen main dealer in Leicester, who quoted me £650 for a new clutch on a 1300 Mk2 worth around £300... ;)
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Sarb11
Yes my main dealer want over £400 pounds! I don't mind it being heavy as long as its not a sign that somethings going to give and i'll be left stranded somewhere.
heavy clutch mk2 golf - Drew20
sorry to poach the thread, my mk2 clutch has just started slipping if you boot it, is this a sign that the friction plate is a bit past it?

and how straightofrward is straightforward? I've had a look in Haynes and it seems quite involved to get the gearbox out


heavy clutch mk2 golf - Dynamic Dave
Yes Dave that is exactly the sound made it happens when
the cluth is towards the bottom.

Sounds very much like the thrust bearing is on it's way out. As regards to changing the whole clutch, some consider it false economy just to replace the bearing, only to find that the linings or pressure plate also need changing 10,000 miles later.
heavy clutch mk2 golf - MikeyM
From reading the threads, it sounds like the release bearing is definitely on its last legs. You should change the whole unit if you decide to go ahead as, if the bearing is worn,then chances are the whole thing is nearing the end of its life. Most motor factors (eg 'German & Swedish') will supply a complete clutch for under £120.00.
One of the reasons why Golf clutches go very heavy as they wear is to do with the geometry of the actuation lever. As the clutch wears and the bite point moves, the movement of the release lever on the clutch housing becomes far from ideal in relation to the cable locator. Adjusting the cable doesnt help too much as the lever still moves through the same arc.
As a DIY job, its not the worse there is, but it can be a bit of a pain. Removing the engine mount and lowering that end of the engine early on in the proceedings helps alot. You need a good tool kit as there are a number of different nut sizes, hex bolts and such like to deal with. Heres one clutch where an alignment toos is important, too. I'd also consider changing the rear crankshaft oil seal while the gearbox is off. Its not much more work and only costs a couple of quid. I did a GTI recently and it took me about 5 hours all in, including oil seal, taking things fairly easy.


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