Volkswagen Radio - neil 1
I keep getting a lot of interference (crackling noise etc) from my VW gamma radio. Any ideas and how is the radio removed.
Thanks - Neil F.
Volkswagen Radio - Halmer
If it's on MW only Neil mine was the same and never improved despite VW looking at it.
Volkswagen Radio - bertj
Find the scan arrows at left and right of Gamma radio. You should see a thin vertical slot about 1 cm in from the edge of the radio to the left of the left scan button and to the right of the right scan button. You need to make two thin metal strips to push into these slots. I made mine out of old hacksaw blades which I ground down using a grinder. You need to grind off the teeth and make the strip smooth so it will go into the slots. Push the strips into the slots about 4cms and you should feel a catch disengage. The radio should loosen so it can be pulled out.
My Gamma radio is fine on FM but useless on medium wave. Check that the aerial plug is secure. It could be the aerial itself, of course.
The radio just pushes back with quite a lot of resistance; you should feel the retainers engage as you push it back.
Volkswagen Radio - volvoman
I really thought this post was gonna end something like:

"..... The radio should loosen so that it can be pulled out. You can then chuck it away and buy one which works."

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