Opinions of Ford Ka Please - Drivethru
My sister has just passed her driving test and is looking to buy a car about 3 years old. She fancies a Ford Ka and I would be grateful for any opinions on this choice, eg. economy, easy to drive, reliability and insurance group.

Thanks for any comments.
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - DavidHM
One of the best on all counts.

Economy is good, rather than great, but 40 mpg should easily be achievable if she's sensible. I've never driven a Ka, but my mother had a Fiesta with the same platform and engine for five years and it was very easy to drive even without the power steering that was standard from late 98. If it's anything like the Fiesta, it's brilliantly chuckable and easy to park - if anything it's supposed to be even better.

Reliability is good, rather than outstanding, but apart from plugs getting stuck in the head, there are no major problems and they're invariably cheap and easy to fix. Insurance is group 2, so appealingly low.

The only thing I would stress is that she shouldn't pay too much. Don't pay £4.5k for a three year old car that can be had brand new for £5500. New ones also have a slightly nicer interior and a smoother, more powerful engine (70 bhp vs. 60).
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - AF
Economy is good, rather than great, but 40 mpg should easily
be achievable if she's sensible.

I average 48mpg in mine.

Another thing to check on cars about three years old, is the bottom of the doors (on the inside), as they have a tendancy to rust through. Something I find a little unbelievable in this day and age.

The only thing I don't like is the brakes. On dry roads they don't seem to stop you too quickly, without a lot of effort, and on wet / icy roads, thaey are a bit too easy to lock up. Although ABS is an option, you never see secondhand KAs with it.
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - Obsolete
I average about 47 mpg most of the year dropping to about 42 mpg in winter. The brakes on mine seem fine, and I've done a few emergency stops without problems. Overall a nice little car. Drives well, can take hills well as long as you drop a gear or two, but not sporty. Used car dealer prices seem outrageous. Servicing is cheap and loads of dealers to choose from. Mine's a bit noisy inside. Maybe the higher spec. ones are better sound proofed?
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - Jim M
Great car - we had a Ka 2 when launched, all family loved it. Would recommend power steering. Only down side for us was front suspension got bent (Kerbed?) approx 500 GBP to fix. Daughter has just bought StreetKa - fandabidozi, even Max Power mad son likes it!
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - Wales Forester
Dont forget the age old problem of the spark plugs welding themselves into the block on the pre 2003 models.
Check they'll come out before u buy as it'll be an expensive exercise later if they won't.

Opinions of Ford Ka Please - bafta
Had one as a 'loaner' while my car was being repaired from a slight altercation with 'white van man.' When I first saw it lip curled in disgust. However, I fell in love with it over the week. It has been described as having a wheel on each corner. Without any overhang it is very stable and, despite all my efforts, it stuck to the road like glue. It was a base model and the steering was a little heavy but that's because we are all spoilt by power steering.
It has got a bit of a 'girlie' image with the young, whereas the Corsa does not. I think that it is a great first car and is a cool design, except now they are selling them with colour coded bumpers which defeats the object of the original concept. Black bumpers which could take the knocks.
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - Drivethru
Thanks very much everyone for your opinions. They are very helpful, I have passed them all on to her, I think she is definitely set on the Ka.
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - NVH
SWMBO has a 1.3 Ka which is great for running around town and parking for 1 or 2 people. My main complaint is that whenever i drive it i come out full of aches and pains as I can't get comfortable. On the + side : no mechanical problems with the car whatosever.
One last gripe: only 3 presets on the toy radio.
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - Hugo {P}
Provided she sells it on herself when she wants to change it, It'll hold its value well.

Have you had a look at HJs Car by Car Breakdown? Menu on left of your screen.

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Opinions of Ford Ka Please - Obsolete
NVH: Ford sell a fascia plate that allows you to replace the supplied toy radio with a real one. Avoid the one available in Halfords as it does not fit recent models. Oh yes, the fascia colours don't match the dash colour so you'll have to paint it yourself if you want a match. (At £26 for a piece of plastic you'd expect a colour match.)
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - IanT
Honest John's Car-by-Car Breakdown and two of the previous replies all mention the problem of sparking plugs breaking off in the cylinder head. I think this problem may only apply to the 1.3 engine, but I'm not absolutely sure.

Anyway, last week, a friend's 1997 1.3 Ka had THREE spark plugs break off while being serviced by a main dealer - and a big repair bill at the end of it.

It's enough to make me think twice about the Ka.

Opinions of Ford Ka Please - TrevP
"I think this problem may only apply to the 1.3 engine, but I'm not absolutely sure."

Correct. But the only engine up to 2003 was the old 1.3 Escort lump.
Opinions of Ford Ka Please - mab23

I had a 1998/S Ka from new, and it had the spark plugs rust in the cylinder head at 60,000 miles. It cost 200 quid to get them bored out at a back-street garage. God knows how much it would have been at a Ford main dealer.

The new Zetec engine I believe has a aluminium cylinder head so this shouldn't be a problem.

Other than that, and the throttle idle sensor going at 63k, I never had any problems with mine. It was a great little car.



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