Vectra Di flapping belt - CarlW
I was hoping that one of you fellow Vectra 2.0 '97 owners could pop your bonnet and tell me how much your auxiliary belt is flapping on the top of the engine where you can see it most.
Mine seems to be quite a lot and I was wondering if i should change the tensioner or not.
Any idea's ???
Vectra Di flapping belt - NitroBurner

Haven't got a Vectra but if the belt's flapping about a lot then I reckon it needs looking at. If you've no idea when the belt was last changed I'd get it done & put new tensioners on as a precaution as well. You might hear an expensive 'pop' otherwise! Hope this msg is of some help.
Vectra Di flapping belt - CarlW
Thanks Nitroburner (cool name!)
I've just changed the belt myself and the tensioner did seem tight when i moved it. I was just surprised to see it flapping so much with a new belt fitted !!

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