Vehicle registration - Tim Hardingham
Right, just bought a car from a dealer, and like a buffoon handed over the registration doc for my old car without signing anything or retaining any part of it to send to DVLC. Dealer just took it without saying anything, and car is now long gone from him no doubt. I now realise I'm supposed to sort this out myself. Best way out of this mess, anyone?
RE: Vehicle registration - Tristan Chaize
To Tim Hardingham,
Forget about it. There is nothing you can do now. The new keeper will have to put it in his name to tax it, though he should do it anyway, even if it is still taxed. Your only problem will be if someone gets parking/speeding tickets while it is still in your name. In that case you MUST fill in part of the ticket telling them you sold the car, who to, and when. If you get a summons, go to your local Magistrates court and make a "Statutory declaration" to the effect that you sold the car previously. You can ring them up and ask the court clerk for advice. It's a pain, but it's free. If anyone asks, just tell them that you gave the log book to the dealer in good faith. Nothing will happen to you.
RE: Vehicle registration - Andrew Hamilton
Why not ask the dealer what the position is. Also you could write to the DVLC explaining the position. Then when the tickets come in there is evidence you have sold the car. Surely the DVLC could just send you another form to fill in.

When I sold one car, years ago, the private buyer did not register it. A friendly policeman checked it and I was recorded as selling it but no record was held of the buyer at the DVLC.
RE: Vehicle registration - honestjohn
If the V5 is the later type with a V5/3 red section at the bottom for informing the DVLA that the car has been transferred to a dealer, then an offence has been committed if this has not been done.

RE: Vehicle registration - james n b
Just to cheer you up, I was summonsed and fined for exactly the same incident - write to DVLA A S A P and inform them before you get nabbed !

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