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I have been looking at second hand cars and have found that different car manufacturers use other manufacturers engines engines. For example, Citroen use the same HDi engine as Pugs, The mini diesel uses a yaris engine, seat use VW engines, vauxhall cavalier diesels were suburu diesels etc.

The question is: where can I find information about every engine which is shared with other manufacturers or can people post their knowledge of engines shared. A nice list would be helpful to me and other people looking at different cars.

Please don\'t suggest I look at - I\'ve tried using it lots of times before and it never seems to have the information I want.
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I think that you are factually incorrect with what you wrote.

Let me just say that the Volvo Car Corporation sourced VAG TDi engines because they could get no better, for the money, anywhere in the world.

I think you will find that GM Vauxhall-Opel went to Isuzu and not Subaru for similar reasons.

Engine development is REALLY hard work. When we make breakthroughs, everybody wants them. You would not believe the job offers you get, once you realise something awfully daft.
Car engines - Greg Parker
Already good feedback. My mistake with Vauxhall diesels although suburu is as good as Isuzu (and both japanese).

Also, am I right in saying that the BMW/ MINI petrol engine is chysler. And I know a lot of volvo's used renault engines, but which ones?
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You asked for it and this is all from memory so is not at all meant to be exhaustive.

Alfa Romeo - JTD engines shared with Fiat

Audi - Uses VW engines in smaller cars (below ~2.5l), notably TDi and 1.8 turbo. Supplied engines for the Porsche 914, 924, 944 of the 70s and 80s. Supplied 5 cylinder TDi for Volvo 850.

BMW - Variants of 4.4 litre V8 engine found in Bentley Arnage and new Range Rover. V12 in new Rolls Royce BMW based but unique.

Caterham - All engines borrowed from other manufacturers

Chrysler - Uses Mercedes CDi engine in PT Cruiser, not Voyager. Jointly developed MINI petrol engine. Crossfire uses Mercedes 3.2 V6.

Citroën - Most engines shared with Peugeot. 1.4/1.5 NA diesel used in Rover Metro, 1.8 turbo diesel in Rover 218/418 in the early 90s. 1.4 HDi engine used by Ford. Forthcoming HDi engines developed with Ford. 3.0 V6 shared with Renault and Peugeot; replaced earlier 2.9 also shared with Volvo.

Ferrari - Engines used by Lancia Stratos and Thema 8.32 in 70s and 80s

Fiat - JTD engines shared with Alfa Romeo. New 1.3 to be shared with Vauxhall; others in pipeline.

Ford - 1.4 TDci engine developed with Peugeot and Citroën (PSA). New tdcis to be launched in Autumn shared with PSA. Probe engines from Mazda. Galaxy diesel uses VW TDi. 1.2 engine used by Mazda2 and 121. Ford Maverick is Mazda Tribute.

Honda - 1.6, V6 and diesel engines shared with Rover in 80s and 90s.

Isuzu - 1.5 and 1.7 diesel engines used by Vauxhall Nova, Astra and Cavalier. Certain Frontera and Monterey engines also.

Jaguar - X Type diesel engine is Ford 2.0 TDci (non PSA). Modified Jaguar V12 used in Lister sports cars of the 90s.

Land Rover - Extensive engine sharing with Rover and BMW.

Mazda - 1.2 engine in Mazda2 and 121 from Ford. Supplied engine for Ford Probe. Tribute is Ford Maverick.

MINI - Chrysler developed power plant, not sold in UK under that name. Uses Toyota D4D engine in diesels. V280 used VW VR6 engine.

Mercedes - Supplies CDi diesel engines for Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Mitsubishi - Supplied engines for Protons except new Wira. Carisma uses 1.9 diesel engine from Renault.

Morgan - All engines borrowed from others.

Nissan - Uses Renault 1.5 dci in Micra. 2.2 dci is its own. Not sure about this one, may supply 3.5 V6 for Renault Vel Satis and Espace.

Peugeot - Shares virtually all engines with Citroën. HDi engines shared with Ford, as above. Also involved in French V6 project.

Proton - Most engines based on Mitsubishi units.

Porsche - 70s and 80s water cooled cars frequently used Audi/VW units.

Renault - Supplies dci engine to Nissan. Involved in French V6 project. May use Nissan 3.5 V6 in large cars. Supplied engines for Volvo in 1980s and 90s. Renault diesels used until recently.

Rolls Royce - V8 and V12 engines since 1998 BMW based.

Rover - Some engines shared with Honda in the 80s and 90s. V8 originally Buick based. Extensive sharing with Land Rover (K Series, V8s, LR diesel originally based on Rover engine). Metro and 218/418 used Peugeot diesel engines.

Saab - Diesel engines shared with Vauxhall. May also start sharing petrol turbos.

Seat, Skoda - All current engines shared with other VW group cars.

Toyota - Supplies D4D engine for the MINI.

TVR - Used to use Rover/Buick V8 until they decided it wasn't British enough after BMW takeover.

Vauxhall - Used Isuzu diesels in early 90s. Frontera and Monterey engines partially Isuzu sourced. Shares large diesels and possilbly petrol turbos with Saab. Small diesel collaboration with Fiat.

Volkswagen - Engines used in other VAG group cars. Ford Galaxy uses 1.9 TDi. Mercedes V280 used 2.8 litre VR6 narrow angle.

Volvo - Used Renault engines in 1980s and 90s; 1.7, 2.0 and 2.9. Also later diesel 1.9 in S40/V40. 850 used 5 cylinder Audi TDi engine. Likely to use Peugeot/Ford collaboration diesels.
Car engines - TrevP
David - VERY good. Take "anorak of the week" award.
Car engines - Clanger
Nice work from memory, David.
Stranger in a strange land
Car engines - jc
You missed out Leyland vans-which use mainly Ford engines and gearboxes.VM diesel in Cento,near Bologna supply diesel engines to many different manufacturers.
Car engines - J Bonington Jagworth
"this is all from memory"

Much respect - I wish I had a memory like that!
Car engines - Dan J
The "new" Volvo D5 engine which appears in the S60, V70, S80 and XC90 is one of Volvos own design. It wasn't appropriate to continue to use Audi engines long term. Engine is fantastic.

Ford/PSA V6 project - Ford is to build a engine developed jointly with PSA which will provide "luxury" diesels. Currently proposed is 2.7 V6 though this capacity may change slightly. First outing will be in the S type Jaguar and then later in PSA's own cars.
Car engines - Greg Parker
So a related question, which engines are the very best in terms of longetivity, reliability and simplicity.

And which cars have them?
Car engines - KB.
Without wishing to poke my nose in....(but will anyway)...I think you meant to start your reply...."Thanks for your prompt, comprehensive and helpful info, David. May I just follow that with a related question.........."

Car engines - Greg Parker
KB: That didn\'t spring to mind until now. I mentioned the vauxhall and isuzu engines. I was not the least bit suprised to see how reliable a vauxhall could be!
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"TVR - Used to use Rover/Buick V8 until they decided it wasn't British enough after BMW takeover."

Does anyone know what they are using now?. A 4 litre Inline 6 just smells of Jaguar, but I think I read somewhere that TVR claims its their own engine. Did they really design and build it from scratch or is it from another larger manufacturer that TVR put its "own" modifications on?.
Car engines - TrevP
"Did they really design and build them from scratch?"

Yep. A V8 and an inline 6.
Car engines - Mark (RLBS)
>>That didn\'t spring to mind until now.

No, I suspect it didn\'t. But it should have done. Especially since your questions get more difficult and more specific.

There are other sites out there which will be able to help you with pure information and statistics.
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"related in terms of longetivity, reliability and simplicity."

I think you'll find that's three questions! I only know the answer to the third, which would probably have been the 2-cylinder 2-stroke fitted to the Trabant...

Car engines - Hugo {P}
A friend of mine had an early Fiat Uno, which he fitted a Yugo engine into.

Apparently, it was just a straight swap.

In addition, the Lada Riva engines are a copy of the old Fiat engines I think - no surprises there! I think that PSOs used these as well - orrible things!

I understand that Ford and Peugeot shared the same diesel unit fitted in the Pug 405.

Now what about gearboxes......?

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Hugo, the XUD from the 405 never went into the Sierra or Escort. However, the normally aspirated, 2.3 to 2.5 litre, 60-something bhp from the 504 may have made its way across into the Sierra and Granada.
Car engines - Morris Ox
Hugo, the XUD from the 405 never went into the Sierra
or Escort. However, the normally aspirated, 2.3 to 2.5 litre,
60-something bhp from the 504 may have made its way across
into the Sierra and Granada.

Indeed it did David and, by God, it was awful.
Car engines - Morris Ox
Nevermind engines and gearboxes, what about car sharing?

Like the VW Golf/Bora, which is the Audi A3/TT, which is the Seat Leon/Toledo, which is the Skoda Octavia, which is the Lamborghini Murcielago...actually, I was kidding about the last one, but you get my drift.


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