New Micra - automaticallyuk

Has any test driven or seen the new micra ? is it a good car compared to the other super mini's available. It seems very good vale.
New Micra - sean
Hello automaticallyuk.

Yes, I've seen a lot of new Micras.

They look nice, apart from the light gauge bodywork.

They do a diesel, and being part of the Regie now, whose DCi do you think they use?

I'm proud that it's built in Sunderland. Here in the UK.

We can still make cars. We should be able to make them cheaply.

Answers on a postcard to Tony Blair, 10 Downing....

You can get a much cheaper Micra in Holland, IMHO
New Micra - GS
I have been told by someone who sells them that they have niggly electrical faults. For example a relay in the old Micra cost £30 and was sourced from Japan whereas the same relay in the new Micra costs £11 and originates from France. Cheap Renault cost saving messing up Nissan quality engineering surley not? Sounds like a repeat of Chrysler devaluing Mercedes through reducing quality. The new Micra is selling well though, lets just hold these problems just affect the first models off the line.

New Micra - Altea Ego
See a comment I made in a post elsewhere. If its your money never buy a new car in the first year of its life. Despite all the testing manufacturers do with new models, you can never replicate the realities of life on the road with owners, or learning curves required by the plant that builds them.

I like the micra in a girly way, looks funky inside and out and drives well. I think however those looks may date badly.

(unlike the new megane, I thought it looked wrong at first but now is becoming very good looking - in my eyes anyway.)

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