Vectra 1.7td - webbwood
I own a 1996 vauxhall vectra 1.7td. Its come to that time where i need to get the timing belt replaced and i also need the valve clearances checked/adjusted as its having problems starting and ive checked the glowplugs and the fuel supply. Does anyone know the going rate for these two jobs? And am i better off at a vauxhall dealer or local garage?
Vectra 1.7td - DL
Find a decent all-makes workshop (preferbly by a reccomendation...) and ensure GM parts are fitted together with a new belt tensioner. Perhaps make sure they ASK the GM parts dept about any other parts they routinely replace when doing these belts. You could save a sizeable amount of cash doing it this way.

Otherwise, pay a Dealership workshop at £50 /hr!

Oh....and make sure they replace the auxiliary drivebelt(s) at the same time - if these shred, the cambelt CAN go wrong as well! Saw a 306 TD do this last week :-(
Vectra 1.7td - CarlW
You mention changing the tensioners on the cam belt, but should you also change the tensioner on the auxiliary drivebelt?
I changed my belt because it was flapping quite a bit at idle, and the new one seems to be worse!!!
Vectra 1.7td - David L
Hi Webbwood,

Completely agree with DL's advice on going to an independent for the cambelt, etc, as Vauxhall quote silly money for this job, but good luck finding an independent that'll do the valve clearances!
Maybe it's just up here (the north west) where the shortage of willing independents exist, but as soon as they realised it was shimmed, they took the "more trouble than it's worth" approach.

FYI, my local vauxhall dealer charged £88.13 inc VAT to check/adjust the valve clearances. All the exhausts were fine, all inlets were tight in my case, so that was for 4 new shims.
Well worth the cash; cold starting improved dramatically.
Do a search for my post "Vauxhall Vectra Diesel cold starting" for the result in more detail.

Good luck!
Vectra 1.7td - webbwood
Well heres a progress report, I getting the two things done separately as there is better things to spend my money on in the sunshine! Anyway i got the timing belt done first as it is important. I got it done at a Vauxhall dealer as local independants didnt seem interested and also the vauxhall dealer is just arond the corner from my work place for convinience. The job cost me £147 including parts, labour & VAT. Not bad for a vauxhall dealer and least i now have some degree of peace of mind! I will keep you posted of the next job, the valve clearances!

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