Yellow - number67
Is yellow a bad choice for a car come re-sale time?

Let's make it more specific...

Leon Cupra R

Yellow, Red or black?
Yellow - Phoenicks
Black. just a personal choice.

I heard something about quick cars having the wrong colour being harder to shift. specifically in the context i read it was about Honda Civic Type R's and the dealers having problems shifting the silver ones over the red and black ones.
Yellow - Garethj
Yellow cars are more reliable, I've owned several and they just kept on going. Red cars may be faster but a yellow one will always get you home.

Perhaps that's why the AA paint all their cars yellow?

I'll get my coat......
Yellow - number67
I favour black too - I know it takes more looking after (having had black before) - but I'm a bit sad as enjoy polishing my car.

Yellow - the wife prefers the yellow - and I do think it looks good - but would I tire of it - and will no one want it when I sell?

Red - looks good - but I always thiink that red cars fade badly

I see they now offer silver and grey - but I don't think that they look spoty enough - and silver is so common (i have a silver car now!)
Yellow - Marcos{P}
A chap at work has got a black Leon Cupra-R and it looks menacing.
Even though black is a bit of a pig to look after I would definately choose it in black.
Yellow - matt35 {P}
I read somewhere years ago that Mercedes tests showed yellow to be the safest, most visible colour for a car?
Yellow - hootie
Personal preference from the choices given would be
1. Black
2. Red
3. Yellow

(Gareth you made me LOL - it's also my personal belief that anything yellow attracts more insects, in the case of a car probably dead ones to be cleaned off)

Two questions - are there any insurance statistics on the colour of car most likely to be stolen? (years ago when I had an XR2i it was red)

and - does black cost any more?

oh, and Q3 do either of the above matter to you anyway?
Yellow - andymc {P}
If someone else was doing the car washing, I'd go for black. As I'm the mug, red. My Leon (which I've owned from new) is red. Also, after the experience of owning one black and one red version of the same car, I should point out that stone chips were far more obvious and unsightly on the nose of the black car. But I love the red of the Leon, I think it suits it really well.
Yellow - trancer
I would go for,


Red is just a classic colour, been available on sports cars for decades. The black would be a distant third because they are hard work to keep clean, having said that, nothing looks better when clean than black. I don't know about theft stats, but it is thought that red or yellow cars attract more unwanted police attention.
Yellow - topaktas
Hootie has a point about insects. I have a blue Passat, and Mrs T has a red one. Spiders love hers, and regularly constuct complicated web arrangements between the exterior mirrors and the front doors. They never even look at mine.
But the idea of insects hanging about on the motorways looking for a nice yellow car on which to meet their Maker stretches the credulity a bit.......
Yellow - Dan G
It's true that anything yellow attracts insects, so a stationary car could get covered in the things.

I wouldn't have a yellow car living in the countryside.
Yellow - Ian (Cape Town)
I've had yellow, white, blue, silver and red.
Yellow for some reason tends to be a dirt magnet - always looks grubbier than the white - the "stains" tend to show up more.

Red fades quite badly here in the sun, and I believe the new Euro cars are taking a bit of a hammering as well, since they moved to new paint.
Yellow - DavidHM
There are pages and pages of threads on this over at the Skoda forum.

It's a personal choice, but black is hard to clean, yellow is worth less second hand, and red is a bit ordinary and maybe inflammatory to the police.

Yellow - LongDriver {P}
Yellow cars stick out like a sore thumb...if you're going to drive fast, steer clear of yellow - you will get pulled oterwise!!

Also...Virtually all original Mazda6 demonstrators were in 2.3 Sport Hatchback guise and were bright yellow...have a look an see how many 02 and 52 platers you can find...still on the dealer's forecourts...being sold as ex-demonstrators...and all nearly 12 months old!

My local Mazda garage has still got the same one I saw last October when I had a test drive (not in a yellow one!!)
Yellow - JimmiMac
The only problem with yellow for me is that I think you either love it or hate it and there's no in between. Therefore come re-sale time the residual value may be adversely affected as the car will only be attractive to a smaller target audience so to speak.

I own a black car and disagree with the comments that it takes more looking after. It takes the same effort to wash / polish just that it does look grubby more quickly than say a red or silver car would. Personally I wash my car once a week so it doesn't really bother me.

My personal opinion is b*llocks to to the re-sale value if you like the colour then go for it. It's your car and you've got to live with it for the forseeable future.

BTW if you're considering a Leon Cupra don't discount the Octavia vRS. As all Briskodians will tell you (you know who you are) the Octy vRS is King and Black is the ONLY colour.
Yellow - HF
Both red and yellow have been good for me (and I don't mean I favour orange cars).

My first was yellow (of a type), my second was red (again, of a type) and despite a certain fellow BRer's comments to the contrary, both really served me well, and despite all the odds continued to do so, until they heard their final calling from that great scrapyard in the sky.

I've never had a black one, but present experience tells me blue is good.
Yellow - Wally Zebon
I may be wrong here, but I think that yellow shows up the age of the car.

When a new model is released, yellow is an option (and a good one too) as it stands out from the crowd. New owners like this as they are basically showing off the fact that they have a new car. 2 years down the line and suddenly "you can't get it in that colour any more sir".


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