Boy racer tat - DavidHM
Someone linked to

My favourite has to be the roof mounted shark fin, £9.99 (with illegal flashing light) "though I'm sure many of you will conveniently forget to remove it."

Basically, it looks a bit like a BMW sat nav aerial.
Boy racer tat - Marcos{P}
mmmmmm Nice.
If the thing is illegal for road use why on earth do they sell it?
Boy racer tat - DavidHM
Because their customers have more money than sense. And not much money I guess.
Boy racer tat - Rob C
It's for when one is parked up in Iceland car park, off the one-way system on a Friday night. Banging some choons, croozin wid da ladeez, so I'm led to believe.

Odd how anything sort of West-Coast L.A. is never quite so cool when its translated to a miserable car-park in a provincial English town
Boy racer tat - MonkeyFunk

that will look proper smart on a cortina or capri!!

put another 10mph on the top speed

its proper BO i tell thee
Boy racer tat - Maz
LOL Monkeyfunk

Boy racer tat - Liverpaul
Take a quick look at the Claims Direct advert at the bottom of the scooby doo nodding dog page. Superb!

Boy racer tat - Altea Ego
And here, spear the traffic warden game
Boy racer tat - Blue {P}
*shame mode*

Yeah it was me that linked to them, I haven't bought any boy racer tat, but have bought tyre pressure gauges from them, if y look past the tat and actually quite funny adverts the site sells some useful accessories at reasonable prices I think.

Oh, forgot, I do have a Boy Racer character hanging in the back of my car, I got given him as a birthday present off a couple of my girlfriends (I definately didnt buy him myself!) and he's great. He has a little pair of sunglasses and his own little baseball cap! Will have to post a picture sometime :-)


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