Thanks to HN, thanks to you guys - Gerben
Thanks for the valuable advice that HN and you guys have provided me over the past few months.

Last weekend I sold my 10 year old, 165,000m BMW 525 TDS Estate - Left hand drive - to my local garage owner for £2K, who is taking it to Spain as the car for by the holiday home. I am sure that with proper care and attention that engine will be good for another 100,000 miles.

Thanks to this website I have now saved over £1,600 on a new Seat Alhambra SE TDi PD 130, listed as £20,700. I went to my local Seat dealer, told him I had an email from one of the online brokers that are listed on HN for £19K on this car, and he almost matched it. The fact that he could provide me with local service made the deal for me.

And thanks to this website I knew not to go for this Supagard offer (£350!)they were pushing hard on me, but to stick with Autoglym. In fact, this morning I went over to the dealer to drop of two bottles of Super Resin, as their valet guy did not have Autoglym.

I am sure that in the years to come I will be checking in regularly to find information about anything to do with this car. And I will let you know how I get on with the car.



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