Ford 6 disc CD changer - Wales Forester
I have removed the factory fitted Ford 6 disc changer from under the front passenger my Escort prior to sale and will be installing it in my Mondeo. I have noticed that the unit has quite clear markings on either end stating which way up it should be mounted, in this case the markings show that the unit should be horizontal at all times.

Will I cause the unit problems if I fit it, say to the rear of the back seats where it will be almost vertical?

There seems to be some kind of pin arrangement where the 'this way up' arrow is located, almost as if there is the facility to alter something internally to accomodate for a different fitting angle.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me plz?

Ford 6 disc CD changer - NitroBurner
There should be a switch on the unit to allow mounting in the H or V position. Very likely to be something to do with the pin arrangement you mention. Have you not got the manual for it?

Wouldn't think it's a particulary good idea to fix to the seat backs. Could get a lot of knocks there!

Hope this is of some use to you.

Ford 6 disc CD changer - Wales Forester
Not sure where to mount it to be honest Nitro, just a bit miffed at this angle thingy.
There is a sticky 'up' label over what looks like an adjustable arc but I can't see how it adjusts.
No manual unfortunately as the car has had the changer fitted from new and I'm owner number 3, just trying to save a few pennies by not buying a new one when there's nowt wrong with this one and i'm going from a Ford to a Ford.
Thanks for your response though all the same.

Does anyone know where 1996 - 2000 Mondeo's had their factory fitted CD changers fitted?

Ford 6 disc CD changer - NitroBurner

You could do a lot worse than than going to a Ford dealers, buying somet cheap, say an oil filter and asking them for advice on your problem.

I used to do it with a Vauxhall Carlton I had and never met with any hostilities.
Ford 6 disc CD changer - trancer
If the adjustment arc is 90o and you know it worked where set in the horizontal position, just move the adjuster to the opposite end (of the arc)which would be correct for a vertical mount. If your Mondeo is a 4 door saloon, the usual place would be to mount it horizontally under the rear deck (alongside the rear speakers). If you have a hatch I have seen them mounted next to the wheel well humps, with some cars having enclosed compartments suitable for it.

As for mounting it to the seat back vertically, that will work. That is what I did, you just have to be careful that any cargo in your hatch won't shift around and bang the changer.
Ford 6 disc CD changer - Wales Forester
Ta chaps,
I'll need to go down to my local Ford parts place and get the lead and brackets ordered anyway so I'll sound them out as u suggest Nitro, although on past experience ,if you don't know exactly what you want, certain staff there are cluless to say the least.

I've consulted the owners manual as I've only just acquired the Mondeo and the CD changer is fitted under the front passenger seat on the relevant model so I'll aim for there and not have to mess around trying to change the angle of my dangle.

Many thanks for the feedback.


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