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Just got a brand new company car - vauxhal astra with a CDR 500 cd player that I'm dying to properly connect my mobile phone to. I have a cradle, that I've connected to the power, and I've ran the microphone around the trim so it's as close as I can get it to my big mouth, hehe....but I can't work out how to connect the audio to the CD player so that I can hear it through the car speakers when answering the call. The cradle in question is only a cheapo £6 thing, the sort that plugs into the lighter socket - however, it's been lobotomised and bolted to the edge of part of the trim and now looks as professionally installed as I can get it - it will save me £250 if I can get it to work, and Vauhall dealers don't want to know unless I pay them to install one of their own cradles....pffft!! Apparently the CDR 500 needs a switched 12v supply to swap between radio/cd and the phone, and the cheapo cradle also conveniently comes with a switch...does anybody have the pin connections/diagram for the switched supply and audio in connections to this stereo so that it'll save me a fortune ???
Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers. Karl.
Vauhall CDR 500 Mobile Phone Wiring - Deryck Tintagel
I have a wiring diagram for the Vectra that uses the same radio - I keep forgetting to look it up. I'll look over the weekend and post on Monday
Vauhall CDR 500 Mobile Phone Wiring - ukkarl
Thanks very much - off on hols for a week on Monday, will give me something to get my teeth into when I get back.

Vauxhall CDR 500 Mobile Phone Wiring - robert
You have been given incorrect information!

The CDR500 will switch into muted phone mode when the mute input is grounded. NOT when connectected to +12 volts.

When its grounded, it also selects the input for the amp from the phone input pins on the multi connector. This means that you can listen to the phone sound via the car stereo speakers as opposed to the inadequate speaker supplied with your phone kit.

If you get the wiring diagram for the CDR you need to look for the mute input and phone audio inputs. Finally, the phone audio input is designed to be fed from an isolating transformer which can be supplied by a Vx dealer. It is the same size as a relay and has 2 input & 2 output terminals. The output terminals need to connect to the phone audio inputs on the CDR500, with the input terminals to the speaker connections on the phone.

If you find these wires missing, as they probably will be, go to Halfords and buy an audio connector for a Vauxhall audio. It might sound silly, but sacrifice the connector and remove the necessary pins (a needle or small screwdriver will help) which will then quite happily snap into the empty pins on the Vauxhall connector.

Finally, the system will switch on (even if off) when the mute lead is grounded - this is great if you get a call with the radio, or ignition, off. It will switch itself off when the mute signal goes away.

This does work - I've done it before.


Vauxhall CDR 500 Mobile Phone Wiring - Deryck Tintagel
I had a look at the Vectra schematics and it looks like pin 6 on the radio is the mute input. The phone is fed from the main battery and ignition supplies via their respective fuses and the only connection between the radio and the phone (apart from the phone audio via the transformer) is a black wire to pin 6.

I would recommend that you look at the markings on the radio connector (or sometimes a label on the radio) to confirm the pin-out.
Vauxhall CDR 500 Mobile Phone Wiring - ukkarl
Sussed it if anyone's interested. Thanks for all your info, had to use a bit of trial and error, but everyone's input helped - appreciated guys.

How I Did It - Look at the Radio from the rear, audio input goes into top row, third pin from left (marked 'TIP' on top of the radio) and second row down, 5th pin from left. (labelled as earth). This is a line input, so source will have to be amplified to get a decent volume, or you need the transformer (connected to same two pins) as discussed above. I got around this by using the speaker output from a cheapo self-contained car kit - about a tenner from ebay.

Next, to mute the radio and to get input from telephone to go through car speakers, you need to ground 5th row down, 2nd pin from left (labelled 'TEL' on top of radio). The cheapo unit I bought from ebay has a double pole switch which is used to turn the charger on, and I just adapted this.

You'll probably find the pins are missing for these positions in the car audio plug, but you can buy the same plugs from Halfords and take out some of the pins to swop over - I soldered the wires straight to the radio and pulled the wires through the back of the connector after taking out the glove box to get at them easily.

That's it, I now have a fully working car kit - saved me £250 that a vauxhall dealer wanted to do the same job, all I have to do is press the button to swop over the radio to phone.


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