Don't judge a..... - hootie
was going to say book by it's cover, not very 'motoring' though is it.

Further to recent conversations, just explaining my way of thinking really, and something that set it off.

On discussing whether old or young drivers are the worst, my train of thought was how awful it is to generalise, and to put people in little boxes

Young - all boy racers with no manners (not true)
Elderly - all doddering (with no manners or thought for anyone else either) - not true

You never know, one of those old geezers could be a former racing driver (even I know it's not all formula 1)etc. etc. ;) Whatever, you get the gist..

I look like I'd be all girly and drive some so called hairdresser type car - but I'm not, and I don't (unless it suits to play that card sometimes to fob someone off "oooh no, I really couldn't make a decision on buying that lovely double glazing, you'd need to talk to my husband")

Anyway, once, I had a car to drive (through work) that had been worked on by a team of apprentices - amazing paint job, would get you noticed wherever you were, chrome exhaust, even a chrome engine. The outward appearance of this car raised a few hackles, drew far too much attention for my liking, and worse lead some people to believe it was a really souped up machine. Unfortunately it wasn't, it was a true sheep in wolf's clothing, and I hated it (for that reason I'm not even going into any more detail) I couldn't wait to get rid.

That's what lead me to say that appearances can be deceptive, and I'm sure it's not just me who's experienced that? Anymore examples (motoring ones) ?
Don't judge a..... - Pugugly {P}
How very true. I have a neighbour an ex-racer in his 70s, he has a Honda NSX and drives like the very Devil....
Don't judge a..... - Altea Ego
How very true. I have a neighbour an ex-racer in his
70s, he has a Honda NSX and drives like the very

so to generalise then,
a mad bad driver

Don't judge a..... - Pugugly {P}
Yes he even has a flat cap, but boy does he goooooooooooooooo!
Don't judge a..... - Pugugly {P}
Just realise steretypical Honda owner
Don't judge a..... - sean
Don't judge an HF by a hootie?

You keep posting these "appearances can be deceptive themes," hootie / hf.
Don't judge a..... - Rob the Bus {P}
Hi Sean

How's yourself? Good I hope.

Anyhow - may I take this opportunity to put this whole "is Hootie HF?" to rest once and for all?

Hootie is definitely NOT HF and HF is definitely NOT Hootie. Believe me - I'd notice!

I did post a while back pointing this out, but it got deleted.

Perhaps if you can make it to the planned BR meet up, Sean, then you will see!


"Lord of Lard"
Don't judge a..... - sean
The penny has just dropped, Rob.

I was reading your post about dashboard fans and wondering how you could be logged in as HF.

Mr and Mrs. What a camp old show that was. Do you remember?

How do you know that Mrs Rob, aka HF, is not also masquerading as Hootie?

Cat amongst the pigeons.
Don't judge a..... - Ben {P}
When and where is this BR meet up then?
Don't judge a..... - HF
The BR meet-up is likely to be one Sunday in September, in North London. There's a thread called, I think, Backroomers, and Dan J will be posting further information there re date and location once he has definite details.

Don't judge a..... - HF
Oh and Sean, just to finalise this debate, I am definitely me and only me. Sorted?
Don't judge a..... - Dynamic Dave
Now we've established who's who, etc, some motoring discussion wouldn't go amiss!!

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