Volvo v70 Xenon lights driving in Europe - Trilly
Anyone know how to change Volvo Xenon lights from Righthand drive so they can be used in mainland Europe. Not in the manual and Volvo dealer does not know!!

Had an Omega and it was a simple switch in the back of the light.

Ideas welcome.
Volvo v70 Xenon lights driving in Europe - Marcos{P}
There is a thread running on this in Discussions. It seems some cars are simple, like my Merc, and some are a nightmare resulting in having to remove the bumper and so on like a VW Golf.
I find it ridiculous that your dealer doesn't know, try ringing Volvo UK and ask their technical dept.
Don't just drive without setting them as it makes a hell of a difference and if your going to do a lot of driving in the dark it really does dazzle oncoming cars.
Volvo v70 Xenon lights driving in Europe - SjB {P}
Suggest you ask the question at
Someone there is sure to know.
Volvo v70 Xenon lights driving in Europe - Trilly
Well for those that come across this thread the answer was more interesting than the question!

Whilst Volvo make "Beam Benders" they have a fault and the only way it can be done is to use masking tape in conjunction with the headlight adjuster at the dealer.

Of course this could be done by yourself if you have somewhere you can see the full beam and play around.

Because of the hassle I went through with Volvo direct and dealer the work was done FOC and took ½ hour.

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