Fiat Uno (1992) battery draining - wonderwheels
Hi all. A friends 1992 (1.0L) is continually draining the battery. I haven't had a chance to inspect it closely, but there isn't anything obvious like a light on. She has fitted a few new batteries in a short space of time. I took out the battery a week ago,let it fully charge. Refitted and needed to "jump" the car to get it going. Took it for a run and seemed fine. Stopped the car and started again no probs. Tried the next day and totally dead. Not even a "jump" got it going. Stereo "facia" already removed just in case.Anything I should check???
Fiat Uno (1992) battery draining - big davey
you will have to do a drain test, disconnect the earth lead from the battery and get a meter set to the 10 amp setting and bridge the earth lead and earth terminal of battery, take the reading, it should be about .2 to .3 of an amp, open the drivers door and switch on the interior light it should increase slightly, if its higher with nothing on you have a drain somwhere poss. the alternator.


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