Rover 45 TD views please - A Dent{P}
Any views, preferably experience basd on the Rover 45 TD with the L series lump.
I would like the 75 beasty but really they seem to be holding values pretty well so may be out of my range, unless that mythical heavy depreciation turns up with Santa Claus.
By then I could have 9K for a <50K cdt if one exists, but I may just give up and look at the smaller brother esp. as it would fit the on the drive.
All views welcome (I'll weed out those I don't like!)
Rover 45 TD views please - mlj
You don't come across as enthusiastic about the rover 45! Other cars will fit your drive, will a 75? I looked at the 45 two years ago. I am 5ft 11 and could not get comfortable in the driver's seat. Too near the roof lining, not much adjustment.I bought a Seat Leon TDI (90). The Citroen Xsara came close, good engine, bargain price. The Rover really is outdated now and although it shouldn't be an issue on a new one, even Rover admit there are supply problems with many spare parts.
Rover 45 TD views please - DieselBoy
I don't know if it is the same engine, but I owned a 'N' reg 420D for a few months. Not a pleasant experience! I couldn't get used to the driving position and the engine wasn't that good. It ran out of puff very quickly - the useable range of power was very limited, and it sounded like a JCB.

Widen your horizons, there are 101 options out there.

Rover 45 TD views please - A Dent{P}
Thanks for your opinions. I'm am luke warm about the 45, but I didn't want to miss it out in my search. The L series engine looks good on paper but it has a belt (HJ says good for 84K)I'm not keen on them.
I think I will hold out for a 75CDT or go for petrol again.
Rover 45 TD views please - 3500S
The L-series diesel isn't as fuel efficient as the 75CDT nor as powerful.

I own a 75 CDT and I can't recommend it enough, it doesn't sound like a diesel in the car, it doesn't sound like a diesel outside once it's warmed out and it drives so well it easy to forget it's a diesel. Yet the wallet pleasing 45mpg+ is very nice indeed.

With some 4-yo's coming though you might get lucky and find a 50-60K one for 9K but chances are it'll be a low-ish spec Classic which is still well appointed. If you can spend the £500 notes on the XPower upgrade, very highly recommended.
Rover 45 TD views please - TrevP
It appears to me that you are comparing a very good larger car with a very mundane smaller one.

Plenty of cheap decent larger cars - if that's what you want.
Like Omega.
Rover 45 TD views please - A Dent{P}
True, True.
I'd like a larger car but not the usual fuel consumption, hence the diesel appeal. I really liked the 75 on first sight but I would need to park it away from the house, small issue really.
May start researching Omega diesels now.
Rover 45 TD views please - peterb
Had a ride in 45 diesel minicab the other day.

It was very noisy indeed (far noisier than most modern diesels).

I'm sure you could do better.
Rover 45 TD views please - Orson {P}
My R plate 420 turbo diesel is ok: I'm 6'4 and rotund, and the driving position is ok. It's got aircon, so no sunroof, which gives me enough headroom. It's noisier than some, but not outrageous. Nothing's broken yet, and is fast enough for me even on motorways etc. A better drive all round than my previous 820 (though not difficult.)

Yes, I'd rather have an omega, 525d or s60 but funds don't allow.

But yes, would agree with t'others, if you'd rather have a 75, look at something that size.

Rover 45 TD views please - A Dent{P}
I do not really need a big car and would not like heavy running costs (fuel, tyres etc), but I would make an exception for the 75 just because I like them.
The diesel version of the 75 would mitigate some of the costs and remove the expensive periodic one off bills (like cambelts-I don?t like them anyway) and add heavy tyre wear.
I don?t mind the diesel oil change period, I see it as insurance against big scary expensive problems.

Since diesels turned up on my radar the logic in them should apply to the 45 as well. The TD 0-60 time (from the Rover online brochure) is 1.3 second less than the 1.8 petrol but mid-range times are better and they are well appointed.

I take your points about the noise though, the L series is used in the Freelander and you know when one has pulled up at the lights beside you. At least no-one has reliability probs to report.

Omega?s only 3? longer than the 75 but quite a bit heaver, I?ll look into them but I can?t say I would love to own one.

Thanks for your views, it helps to distil what I really want / need.

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