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Hi Gang, need to get some coolant to top up the wife's Felicia Bohemia. The handbook only says use coolants complying with: TL-VW 774 B which I presume is VW's own identifyer.

If I don't want to bother finding a VW/Skoda dealer, which type do I need and is it a good idea to top up with a compatible coolant from Halfords say ?
Skoda Coolant - Dynamic Dave
Does the post "Trigger Happy Posters" mentioned in Discussion ring any bells VM? ;o)

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Skoda Coolant - sean
Morning volvoman. Well, it is for me now, but who knows when you'll read this?

If you nip down to German and Swedish, they're selling genuine VAG coolant G12, pink stuff, for £3.50 + vat = £4.11

I changed the Golf's coolant recently.

The G12 is compatible with all previous types.

You get 1.5 litres for that, which gives you 30% in a gallon of mixture. In theory you should get 6 litres in the Golf and I bet the felicia's about the same, but I never get more than 4.5 litres in.
Skoda Coolant - Dr Rubber
The blue coolant is not compatible with the pink stuff according to my Polo manual (and Haynes for that matter). Check what colour it is, and get the appropriate stuff (Mines pink G12). If its blue, then I THINK any blue stuff will do, including Halfords. If its pink, stick with the VAG stuff.
Skoda Coolant - volvoman
Don't know what happened DD and have read the thread you speak of. Just posted here again within the last 10 minutes and e.mailed you but the post has not appeared. Don't know what's happening but it isn't me repeatedly pressing the 'post message' button out of frustration, annoying though it is.

Sean & DR - thanks for the feedback. The coolant is blue and as I opened the expansion tank there was quite a lot of hissing and burbling as coolant was sucked into the reservoir. I noticed quite a lot of bits floating in it and wonder whether it should be flushed out. The previous owner hardly used the car for about a year and had the 40k service done at 37k about 10 months ago IIRC. The car still hasn't reached 39k so you can see how little it's been used in the last year. Given the time since the last service, would it be a good idea to have a basic service done in the next month or two and and get the coolant replaced/ flushed at the same time?
If so, what other bits should I get them to check/replace ? plugs, filters, oil ?? Remember, be gentle with me 'cos in the words of Manuel (the waiter from Barcelone in Fawlty Towers) "I know nothing".
Skoda Coolant - sean
Don't you kid me, volvoman.

You are one of our brightest posters. You didn't jump on the "shall I buy a Fiat" hook, did you? I really do feel baited.


Firstly look at my question here of about a week ago. "How long does coolant last?" The answers I got were brilliant.

In terms of not freezing, answer: forever. Life of engine.

In terms of corrosion protection: read and be impressed.CHANGE and FLUSH.

Plugs, air filter, pollen filter mileage dependant.

Oil and filter, mileage and time dependant. CHANGE.
Brake fluid. The same. CHANGE.

Oh yes, and hissing and burbling when you removed coolant cap? Didn't do it warm, did you? Risk of scalding, mate.
Skoda Coolant - Dynamic Dave
"shall I buy a Fiat" hook, did you? I really do feel baited.

Sean, we all know your views on Fiat. Enough of the continual bashing if you please.
Skoda Coolant - volvoman
Thanks for the info Sean - very clear and very helpful !

I really am a bit of a technophobe more than anything and don't like mucking about with things such as cars and PC's. Yes I did open the exansion tank when still a little warm but the car had been left for over an hour so I didn't think there was any real danger of scalding. Also I was very careful and opened the cap very gently so tyhat if things got a bit hairy I would have been able to shut it quickly.

Skoda Coolant - Dr Rubber
Did a bid of browsing last night in the handbooks. VW say G11 (Blue) and G12 (red) should not be mixed, and that G11 should not be mixed with other antifreeze types. The G12 is also suitable for alloy engines, and, in my car at least, is fill and forget (no change interval specified).
I agree with Sean, get it drained and fill it with something you know (G12?)
Skoda Coolant - volvoman
Thanks for that DR - much appreciated !
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V, you might like to know I visited our local dealer and bought some of the pink stuff as specified for Mrs Fif's Fabia. It was cheaper than Halfords as it happened. Not that actually I knew that at the time, pure fluke.

Take heart dear friend and ignore the sarcy ramblings of our dear moderator re multiple postings. I had the misfortune to make a double posting the other day and I KNOW it was not a case of being trigger happy. The only explanation I have is that last few days the PC was running some mamba jobs in the background and that seemed to affect things.


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"and ignore the sarcy ramblings of our dear moderator re multiple postings"

I don't think that is really called for......that gets us nowhere. Yes, the site has had problems of late but there's no need for that sort of reply..
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>> \"and ignore the sarcy ramblings of our dear moderator re
>>multiple postings\"
I don\'t think that is really called for......that gets us
Yes, the site has had problems of late but there\'s no
need for that sort of reply..

Thankyou DL.

What some people don\'t realise is that both Mark & I are in full time employment and our time given to moderation duties is purely voluntary with the only reward being that we hopefully make the site a better and inviting place for people to visit. Having to edit and delete multiple postings at the moment is an extra task that Mark & I could do without due to the extra time involved in doing so. I sure that 99% of the people that use this site have been experienced the delays over the past week or so. If each person were to double the amount of time spent here then they might appreciate how much time Mark & I are having to put aside to moderate at the moment.

Now please don\'t turn this into a moderators ranting or praising thread. Any comments regarding moderation to the usual address please.
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Sorry DD I think you'll find a double posting in Banger's thread curtisy of me.


"and ignore the sarcy ramblings of our dear moderator re
multiple postings"

I think this may have been meant in gest, though I can understand your fustration over the last few weeks. Keep up the good work DD and Mark - And thanks for an excellent site!

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