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Focus Wheelbearing - Stephen Bruce
I noticed a funny sound coming from my 1.8 Focus Saloon last week. When I took it into a Ford garage they said that it was the nearside rear wheelbearing that needed replacing. The impression I got from the garage was that this is not an uncommon repair that is needed. Does anyone know if this is a common fault or how long they should normally last ? The car has done 25,000 miles.

Re: Focus Wheelbearing - PhiL P
Something else for me to look forward to then in addition the current clonking through the steering column which in two attempts Ford have been unable to rectify (despite claiming they have)...
Re: Focus Wheelbearing - Dave N
Search back a bit further and you will see my note about a number of TSB's regarding 'clonking'.
Re: Focus Wheelbearing - Robert

What sort of noise was/is it? Did they recognise it immediately?

Regards .........
Focus Wheelbearing - David Lacey
Wheel bearings should last longer than this. There may have been an assembly glitch, causing a small misalignment. Have you been through any deep water lately? This is the death knell for some typres of wheel bearing, even though they are sealed.


Re: Focus Wheelbearing - Stephen Bruce
It was a humming noise when I was driving along. They recognised it before we had even left the forecourt of the garage. The garage did say that the noise would become much louder the longer we drove the car before changing the wheelbearing.

Re: Focus Wheelbearing - PhiL P
Yeah I got them and passed them onto the garage, didn't help unfortunately but thanks all the same.

Last week Lifestyle Ford in Horsham had the car for the second time and claimed Ford had released a new TSB relating to clonking which blamed the pedal box assembly and called for insulation to be added to rectify the problem, hasn't made the slightest bit of difference...
Re: Focus Wheelbearing - Mike Jacobs
I met one ford focus owner who had trouble with a rear wheel bearing. Ford dealer told him that it was due to all the wet weather we had last winter. This seems an iffy explanation to me as wheel bearings are supposed to have seals but he might have driven through flood water. The owner of the vehicle said the wheel came right off! Its not just the pedals that come off then! He said the focus is a great car. I'm tempted to buy one.

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