Water in Fuel Filter - Oilburner

I have a 1994 peugeot 306 diesel turbo. The warning light has been appearing now for some time however after i keep draining it still won't go out. I unscrew the drain plug and keep pumping the fuel through, I must have pumped though a few few pints now. Am i doing the procedure correctly?
Water in Fuel Filter - sean
I must have pumped though a few few pints now

A few pints of what, oilburner?

Water or diesel?

What I do to drain water out is get some tippex. Put 1 blob on 1 pipe to filter. 2 blobs on other pipe. Mark similarly the stubs where the pipes go and take them off.

Then unscrew drain plug a bit and put an aerosol cap or something big enough to catch what comes out. Tighten drainplug so no overflows.

Stick your drainings in a glass bottle and see whether it\'s water or fuel. If it\'s always fuel, you have a faulty \"water in fuel\" sender.
I only get about 30ml of water out once per year. You don\'t need to pump anything through. The water sits in the bottom of your filter as it\'s density is heavier than the fuel.
Water in Fuel Filter - Andrew-T
While the filter is detached, why not give the system the Magic Mixture treatment as if to pass the emissions test? That should clear any water and clean up the injectors at the same time.
Water in Fuel Filter - Railroad
The warning lamp is always coming on on 205s due to faulty sensors. I see no reason why yours should be different as it's the same engine.

If you're sure that there is no water in the filter then change the sensor in the filter housing (5 minute job) and see how it goes.
Water in Fuel Filter - IanT
Oilburner - Your procedure is OK, but the amount of fuel/water you're expelling isn't. The 306TD has a drainpipe attached to the filter and, assuming you haven't lost yours, it's easy to catch your drainings for inspection. But even 30ml water sounds a lot to me, never mind pints!

If the warning light never goes out, however much you fuel/water expel, then the detector is certainly faulty.


Water in Fuel Filter - Oilburner
Thanks Guys

How do I locate the detector. Incidentally the light doesn't stay on all the time!!
Water in Fuel Filter - Dan G
The water warning light was forever coming on on my 205, so I just unplugged it. Continued changing the filter every 12k, and never had any problems. The light's never come on with my 306, and I change the filter at the same interval.

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