Yaris D4D vs Golf TDI 130 - Stevesok
Yes I know this topic sounds like an unlikely head to head, but I have a decision to make.

I own a Golf TDI 130 5 door bought new in January 2002 from Motorhouse 2000, it\'s an EU import. I bought the Golf over the Christmas hols in a hurry after I rejected my new MINI Cooper, following legal advice. But that\'s another story! The early BMW Mini\'s were not good news...

To put this into context, I commute 40 miles a day to work and back. While I am very pleased with the Golf (it goes hard and it\'s very solidly built), I have done my sums and worked out that a company lease car could work out cheaper. I can also buy it \"below book price\" in 3 years.

I had a quote for a Yaris D4D 5 door T-Spirit. This would be £700 cheaper per year to run than my Golf, over 3 years, factoring in depreciation, fuel, tax etc. I don\'t really need a car larger than the Yaris.

I would need to sell the Golf privately - it\'s done 20,000 miles and has a few extras, so I\'d hope to get £11 500 for it. I know there is a new Golf emerging early 2004 and this could dent values of the MkIV, so is this a good time to sell in any case?

Honest John is a big fan of the Yaris diesel, and I like the design, but I\'m a bit concerned that I\'d get frustrated at the lack of go / refinement. I haven\'t driven one yet.

Not sure if I\'d regret changing - any thoughts?
Yaris D4D vs Golf TDI 130 - jud
i don't think you will like the quality of the interior of the yaris over the golf, along with that in the event of a motorway pile up i would prefer to be in the larger car, i once was unlucky enough to own a mini metro, the distance from the rear window to my young children was very short, not good in the event of a rear shunt.
Yaris D4D vs Golf TDI 130 - davo
Stop messing around there is no comparison, keep the Golf, spend your time saving money elsewhere.

If you really want to save money get soemthing really cheap, Tins are doing nearly new Punto's for £4,500.
Yaris D4D vs Golf TDI 130 - sean
I remember a Nescafe advert, from ages ago.

The lady had just made a cup of coffee, and hubby was waiting appreciatively.

One big swig and his face dropped.

"What is this stuff?" He says

"Supermarket own brand" she says.

"Really cheap"

Hubby's face drops further.

"And it's a great big tin, so it'll last ages"

Hubby falling off his seat with misery.

Now what about the Yaris after a Golf??????
Yaris D4D vs Golf TDI 130 - hootie
On a different train of thought (i.e. not one car -v- the other)

Go and test drive the Yaris

Decide how it was? if you hate it, think no more

If you like it, work out what the comparative saving means to you ... what would you actually do with £700 spread out over 12 months? Is your Golf likely to start costing you any money?

Get some advice from someone who really knows about the future value of your Golf (sorry, I have no idea)

There's no point changing really if the £700 wouldn't do that much for you and you're not keen on the Yaris is there? (or even if you don't like the Yaris anyway) Until you find that out for youself you can't really go to the next stage anyway.

Good luck.

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