Crossroads Question - Chris TD
Crossroads Question:

Here's a situation I encounter a few times on my daily commute, and though it's not given me any grief I wondered what the general opinion was:

Main road with two minor roads meeting opposite each other. Car 1 approaches junction on first minor road and stops at give way sign. Car 2 approaches on other minor road indicating right and stops at give way sign. Traffic on main road clears - which of Car 1 (going straight across) and Car 2 (turning right) has priority?

I know normally it will resolve itself with probably the more assertive driver going first, but what if both drivers are equally timid (so nothing happens) or assertive (crunch!)?

Highway code didn't seem to come up with anything - what does the panel think?

Chris TD
Crossroads Question - Altea Ego
Car 1 (straight on) has priority over car 2 (turn right)
Crossroads Question - Chris TD
I just wondered about whether car 2 has effectively joined the main road that it is turning on to so car 1 should in theory give way to it?
Crossroads Question - frostbite
I believe it will be car 1 with priority as it does not have to cross the path of car 2.
Crossroads Question - HF
In a similar vein, if one car is turning right into the main road and the opposite one is turning left, I have always assumed I should give way to the one turning left. Is this the correct thing to do? - bearing in mind, as above, in theory the one turning right will be crossing the path of the one turning left?
Crossroads Question - Tom Shaw
Quite correct, HF.
Crossroads Question - Hugo {P}
How about both cars turning right?

Just wondered

Crossroads Question - Rob C
In that situation, the more expensive car has right of way.

(Notwithstanding the BMW clause)
Crossroads Question - Dwight Van Driver
Does not the significance of the white dotted lines at the mouth of the minor road junctions come into play here?

TS & GD's state that the lines should not be crossed if it causes a vehicle to reduce speed or swerve.

The car going straight ahead is unlikely to do so and therefore can it be said he has precedence?

Seem to recall a stated case somewhere, something like Vane v Yannopolis, covering something similar. Will see if I can dig it out.(If it rains)


Crossroads Question - Deryck Tintagel
Not quite on the crossroads theme but on the who has right of way.

Do I remember correctly that if you approach a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing at which the lights have failed, you must give way to the pedestrians waiting to cross? I don't think that I have seen this in the Highway Code and want to kill my curiosity

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