Omega 2.5 CD Estate - John
Ive just seen a car in superb condition, apparently,and am thinking of having a trial in it. It's an October 2000 model with 88k on the clock.Is there any advice on what I should be looking for or problems that regularly crop up. I've looked at H J's car by car break down but it doesn't give me what I want. Also any ideas on realistic fuel consumption. Thanks
Omega 2.5 CD Estate - Dynamic Dave
I've looked at H J's car by car break down.....

Have you also tried the search option at the top of the page? There's many, many threads on Omega's.
Omega 2.5 CD Estate - John
Yes thanks DD. Just found it. Off to hide under a stone now
Omega 2.5 CD Estate - SpamCan61 {P}
In terms of fuel consumption my 2.5 V6 manual estate manages around 22mpg on the school run; 35 mpg light footed motorway cruising.

In terms of the various Omega 'issues' then i suppose the executive syummary is as follows:-

Be very, very sure the cambelt has been changed every 40K. (water pump and tensioners too for extra peace of mind)

HT leads seem to last about 100k; budget 175 quid plus fitting for genuine vaux. parts; about half price from Autovaux.

Dodgy idle speed control valves are common on Ecotecs, although mine has been fine (touch wood)

Other than that IMHO it's a typical big, complicated modern car, and very good value second hand.


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