The New Toyota Avensis Diesel - Jes

It's time to change my company car (VW Passat TDI Sport 115bhp) and it looks like I will be going for the Avensis (T3x or T4 model). My passat has been a brilliant car but the leasing company my employer deals with has priced it out of my reach (another £130 per month more), and looking around I think it's a tough match to follow. The Avensis, looks and feels a nice car and it is very tax efficient from a company car perspective (If I opt for the T3x I'll take home another £45 per month more thanI do now). I've had a test drive of the avensis (T2 and Tspirit models) and found it a little under powered despite it being the same BHP as the passat - could this be due the newness of the avensis??? My main question surrounds whether anyone has bought the New Avensis Diesel and can comment on it???

The New Toyota Avensis Diesel - Dude - {P}
Don`t be put off by the Toyota engine feeling tight, as with most diesels, they take 10k miles to loosen up and reach their full potential performance. I personally would opt for the Toyota over the VW, if the leasing price per month were identical. The Avensis did extremely well in the recent ENCAP crash tests, and IMHO their chain cam engines and dealer network are vastly superior to VW. I`ve been treated appallingly by our local VAG dealer in the past, but they will never get the chance again.!!!!

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