Yaris as a first car bargain. - automaticallyuk
Anyone checked out the ukcarbroker site.

They quote £6500 - £ 8192 on T3, 1.0, 1.3 or 1.4 D4D yaris.

Could a 1.4 D4D, 3 door, T2 be a first new car bargain at £7395.

or T3 at £8192.

3 year warranty, breakdown cover, home delivery.

Plus a years free insurance (up to Sept 03) !!!

Plus they hold their value better than most.

Yaris as a first car bargain. - SteveH42
DriveTheDeal have similar offers as per a recent post of mine. OTTOMH, the T3 was about &7250 for the 1.0, £7550 for the 1.3 and about £8200 for the D4D in 3 door version.

Would avoid the T2 unless you really want a new car - you'd be better looking for a year old GS or GLS for the same sort of money. To show you how much the Yaris does hold value, my local dealer has a T reg 'S' for £4k.
Yaris as a first car bargain. - DavidHM
My money would be on the T3.

The T2 really is one of the most basic new cars you can buy. The T3's not much better but when you come to sell it you won't find people (dealers or privately) sucking in their teeth quite as much, and in the meantime you've got yourself a more civilised and better equipped car.

As for the engine, the D4D is the best and most economical, but most Yarii are used only for short journeys so it possibly won't justify itself financially, even if it is worth more second hand. Of course, if your driving style means that you like the extra torque and mid range oomph, especially with a lot of fast A-road or motorway driving, it may be worth it for a more pleasant experience.
Yaris as a first car bargain. - SteveH42
The T2 isn't that bad - it now has PAS as standard along with a driver airbag and ABS/EBD, so if you don't mind having to wind the windows, use the key in the lock and don't want a CD player then it's fine. The T3 doesn't actually give you *that* much more - full airbags, remote locking, elec windows and 14" wheels along with a CD player and 2 extra speakers.

I'm disappointed at the way the new range has come out - I think they really need something between the 'little more than basic' T3 and the 'top of the range' T-Spirit. That said, I don't know what extras you can get on the T3.

As for the choice of engine, I must admit the D4D would be tempting but at about £1k more for the same spec I'd have to keep it 4 or 5 years to make back the cost on the mileage I do. Mind you, having had a fun weekend blasting around the lakes, there isn't a lot wrong with the 1.0!
Yaris as a first car bargain. - Miat
for the base model the micra is probably a better deal
Yaris as a first car bargain. - peterb
T3 lacks both aircon AND sunroof. Given the hot spring weather we've enjoyed I suspect many people have gone for the T Spirit (which has both). Hence there's a glut of T3s available and 7
weeks for delivery of the T Spirit. (Mrsb's T Spririt will arrive shortly.)
Yaris as a first car bargain. - SteveH42
T3 lacks both aircon AND sunroof.

Just my point, and seemingly not available as an option either. (Only option at all seems to be metallic paint according to the price list) At least before there was the GLS that had a sunroof (early models) or aircon (later ones) at a lower price than the SRi or CDX which the TSpirit seems to replace.

What's the difference between retail and on-the-road prices BTW? I note the price list has (for example) the T3 D4D for £8590 retail, £9200 OTR. Why the extra £610?

Also, I note the 1.0 is now listed as having 64bhp compared to 68 originally. I wonder if this will be enough to take it from acceptable to underpowered? Especially in TSpirit form with aircon etc putting extra load on the engine. Presumably this is down to the mods to pistons and ECU they have made to meet the latest emissions standards? I can't find any specs on the Toyota site, so I can't tell if it's reduced consumption or how much effect the new MMT has either.

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