200SX or 328 Sport - Stuey01
After much deliberation, I've finally managed to whittle down the wishlist of motors to two possibles...a Nissan 200SX or a BMW 328 Sport.

It looks like I'll get more motor for my £££s with the 200, but I'll also lose more (probably) when I sell it as the 328 Sport seems to hold its value really well.

I've driven both of them and there doesn't seem to be too much difference, although the 200 does tend to fishtail in the wet :p

They both seem to be generally reliable if maintained, but the BM's M52 problem is a bit of a worry.

Does anyone have experience of either of them...or preferably both!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated
200SX or 328 Sport - Ben {P}
I fancy a 200sx, but for me the insurance is crippling. With the BM it depends whether you are talking about an e36 (old model) or an e39- the current ones (i think thats what these cars are called please correct me). How much are looking to spend?

Depreciation on the 200sx will depend a what stage of the depreciation cycle you buy in at. Nearly new and you could still loose quite a bit.

A friends has a s reg 328, ut not sport. Its a great car, comfortable refined, and he bought it at a great price. But he prefers his dads r plate 528. Engine has great power right through the rpm range, and good economy too.

200SX or 328 Sport - DavidHM
E39 is a 5 Series, the one that's just gone out of production. E46 is the current 3.

Other than that I can't help you, other than to back up what Ben says with regard to what your budget is defining which is the better deal.
200SX or 328 Sport - Stuey01
This is where it starts to be tricky. I'm selling my S-plate Focus and I've got between 8-10k (including the Focus) to pu up against the new motor

For that money, it seems I can get an 97-98 328 Sport, but I don't really want a older, higher mileage car than I've already got!

On the other hand, I can get an S/T plate 200 for 2k less - although I will lose more on it!

200SX or 328 Sport - teabelly
I'd get the 200 then put the 2k saved in the bank to offset the extra depreciation. As the BM will have done a higher mileage and is an older car the maintenance costs could be increased which would reduce the amount of money saved with lack of depreciation also.

If in doubt flip a coin, your reaction will tell you which car to go for :-)
200SX or 328 Sport - Jase
200SX for me. Stand out from the crowd and enjoy the 200HP turbo! Old shape 3 series does look a little dated now.
I'm sure either will be very nice.
200SX or 328 Sport - TrevP
I ran a 'G' plate 200SX from new for 5 years.

Zero problems. Not too good on mpg though - particularly keeping the Germans in sight on the Spanish motorways.

The only expense I had was fitting Recaros - the opiginal seats must have been made for Japanese.
200SX or 328 Sport - andy n
if the bmw engine was built before 98 be very wary reference the problems with the nikasil coated bores, later engines are of the alusil type which hopefuly cured the problem (theres reams of good info on the specialist bmw sites on this problem if you need more info)
200SX or 328 Sport - Ben {P}
Last summer friend bought his s plate E46 328 with leather air-con and sat nav and aut 40-60k for 12k privately. I would not buy an e36- i think they are generally over-priced.

If you want to spend as much as you say i would go for a 330 sport bought from auction, i think this is a better car than the 200sx.

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