Change gearbox oil? - Kimion
I own a '94 306 thats coming upto 100k now, would it be a good idea to change the gearbox oil?
Change gearbox oil? - Cliff Pope
Yes. Most people will tell you gearbox oil lasts for ever. Whenever I have changed drained a gearbox after a high mileage I have found a) it was half empty and should have been checked miles ago anyway
b) the oil looked dirty and horrible and had bits of shiny metal filings in it.
Change gearbox oil? - andy n
yes change it asap the idea that the gearbox oil should last the life of the car is a nonsense and has more to do with the interests of manufacturers trying to attract buyers with the carrot of low servicing costs than it has to do with the interests of the gearbox!
Change gearbox oil? - The Tyre Kicker
When you refill the oil make sure you put the correct type back as there are 3 different types of oil for these gearboxes depending on the type you have fitted.
Change gearbox oil? - Kimion
Thanks for the replies guys.
Thought it might make sense, contraray to what others say!
Cheap enough to do, just a bit fiddly! Think its 75w/80 and would i need a new drain plug washer or anything else?
Change gearbox oil? - eMBe {P}
>> and would i need a new drain plug washer or anything
else?>> >>

It may have been on this forum previously or elsewhere, but here are two tips:
1. First make sure you can undo the refill plug, and only then undo the drain plug.
2. It should do no harm to fit new plugs/washers.
Change gearbox oil? - Kimion
Changed the oil today; And definatly needed doing. The oil was almost black with bits floating around in it.
I thought the gearchange was smooth before, now its so much slicker, what an improvement some new oil can make. Recommend to anyone else to change it near this milage or before!
Change gearbox oil? - JohnnyBoy
At what milage should gearbox oil be changed?
Change gearbox oil? - DavidHM
If the gear change is in any way inferior to what you would expect for this kind of car, it may be worth doing - especially if you can DIY or find a friendly, cheap garage.

If you want to make it preventative maintenance, probably about 80k but it depends on the use; I doubt very much that a three year old rep's car that's spent virtually its whole life in fifth will need it as much as an eight year old town car.
Change gearbox oil? - JohnnyBoy
Cheers David
I do indeed know a cheap friendly garage -
Will get this done once the last oil change has gone 6k miles.
Change gearbox oil? - Cliff Pope
As my old LandRover manual said, if the vehicle is used for deep-fording, change the gearbox oil daily or more frequently!
In sandy conditions grease the propshaft every half hour.

Seriously though, it probably depends on how long you intend keeping the car. If it is the love of your life and you intend keeping it until it dies, then I'd say every 50,000 miles. It depends too about how you feel about mechanical things. I just can't bear the thought of not giving something tip top maintenance even if I never live to reap the benefit

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