Handbrake 'failure' - AndyLucas881
Yesterday the handbrake on my 106 went real loose and will pull up way higher than before. I don't think it has quite failed and would hold but I'm not about to park on any hills to find out. The footbrake seems to be affected, it bites normally then fades. I realise the handbrake cable is attached to the rear brake shoes but can someone explain how it affects the brake pedal? I would have thought the brakes would be applied via the handbrake and 'bypass' the pedal.
Handbrake 'failure' - Malcolm_L
Not familiar with 106's but I suggest you check the cable run and check that the hand brake cable is connected to the actuating arms at both wheels.
If it is then you'll have to take the drums off and check that
the mechanism is fine.

Check that your cable adjustment has worked loose and all that needs doing is the slack taking up - I'm concerned that the footbrake is affected, this would suggest that it has affected the hydraulic fluid - piston stuck or seal failing?

Invest in a Haynes manual

Best of luck
Handbrake \'failure\' - Drew20
might be one of the cables has snapped, check my jacking back wheels and see if they turn

might be auto adjusters are worn, if so its a bit of a fiddly job to replace the bits

can\'t see how the handbrake would affect the pedal in any amjor way but I\'ve never had a peugot
Handbrake 'failure' - Andrew-T
In my limited experience the handbrake cables of 205s are prone to weakness by the outer cable kinking under the fuel tank - offside seems more prone than nearside. As the 106 developed from the 205, is that a possibility? Like the other guys, I can't see why footbrake should be affected too.
Handbrake \'failure\' - The Tyre Kicker
I would also recommend you check the hand brake mounting were it bolts to the floor as this is a common fault with the 106.
Handbrake 'failure' - Reggie
A recent episode with my sons 106 handbrake:

1.Hand brake suddenly came up much higher.
2.On a hill one side of the car "lifted" more than the other when handbrake was applied.

The cause was the automatic adjusting mechanism teeth on one side had worn and failed.
To check:
With the engine off, if you apply the handbrake, then release the handbrake and then depress the footbrake, if you hear the teeth on one of the back drums clicking or readjusting with a "brrrr" type sound, then that would imply that it is a failed auto adjusting mechanism.
The other way is to jack the car up, remove the wheel and release the locknut holding the drum/s on, with the handbrake off depress the footbrake, take the drum off inspect the position of the teeth on the ratchet, as they should have adjusted to their correct position in normal use which you should note, replace the drum, pull the handbrake on, remove the drum, and if the ratchet has failed the position of the teeth will have moved significantly.

The cure is new brake shoes (£10) and a new backplate assembly (£20) from Peugeot.
The above should not affect the footbrake, as you describe as once depressed the shoes should adjust up.
Good luck.

Handbrake 'failure' - Reggie
Re above.
Get new shoes from a parts factor (£10), not Peugeot as they may be expensive, the only place you can get the ratchet mechanism is from Peugeot (£20). One part of the mechanism comes with the shoes the other part with the backplate assembly. Don't be tempted to get just one half of the above or the already worn teeth will cause failure and will damage the "new teeth" causing you to have to re-purchase again, as I found out.

Handbrake 'failure' - AndyLucas881
Cheers Reggie - I'll let you guys know the outcome.
Handbrake 'failure' - howy686
Yes, I'd go with the ratchet mechanism scenario - my wife's 106 did this shortly after changing to some aftermarket shoes.
It turned out that the new ratchets which came with the new shoes were soft and wore smooth in a couple of months.
Luckily, I'd kept the old OE shoes and was able to recover the trapped OE ratchets from these.
Handbrake adjustment has kept fine ever since.
Purists might frown on this action but, on inspection, the OE ratchets were perfectly serviceable and fitted the new posts perfectly.
Handbrake 'failure' - David Lacey
Certain Ford models were prone to this aswell......affecting the footbrake and handbrake....
Handbrake \'failure\' - AndyLucas881
Had the car fixed at the local garage yesterday - charged £40 for new brake shoes as a brake lining had become unbonded from one of them. Thanks for all your help guys.


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