Intermittent jammed clutch on a Fiesta - Custard Fridge
Hello All,

My Woman's Fiesta 1.25LX had a service two weeks ago, and since then the clutch has jammed out three times. It takes a minute or two of pressing before it frees-up. Before I call the garage, what advise do you have? Oh, and it had new front discs and pads at the service as well (ouch).

Intermittent jammed clutch on a Fiesta - The Tyre Kicker
Check that nothing is getting caught in the release fork on the top of the gearbox.
Intermittent jammed clutch on a Fiesta - David Lacey
I expect it will be the concentric integrated release bearing/slave cylinder assembly contained within the bellhousing.....gearbox out job to change it.

As mentioned it would be prudent to check for any external 'problems' beforehand but there isn't a great deal to see externally, just a hydraulic pipe!
Intermittent jammed clutch on a Fiesta - Richard Turpin
Sounds like the master cylinder return is blocked. Am having exactly the same problem on a Land Rover at the moment and that is the garage opinion. Also on mine, when the clutch does go down, it takes about 15 seconds to engage although the pedal comes up straight away.

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