New Tyres Old Valve - peteH
Had tyres fitted recently using two difference outfits (fastfit)

Fitted tyres and balanced but left the old valves in (maybe changed the inner core). How common is this?
New Tyres Old Valve - Godfrey H {P}
Pete, I've never ever had new tyres without a new valve.
New Tyres Old Valve - Dynamic Dave
Ditto. New tyres should always be accompanied with new valve cores.
New Tyres Old Valve - peteH
Should just the core be replaced or the whole unit?
New Tyres Old Valve - Dynamic Dave
Should just the core be replaced or the whole unit?

Sorry, I should have explained that better. The whole thing. Generally they should rip out the old one and put in a new one.
New Tyres Old Valve - mal
In all my years of motoring I have never had the valves replaced when renewing tyres and never had any problems.I personaly do not believe it makes any sense replacing them if they are ok. Also a lot of suppliers will give a keen price on the tyre alone then hike the price up on the valves and balance.
New Tyres Old Valve - los
If the present valve is in good condition ,why replacin it?
for the sake of the outfit making more money?
New Tyres Old Valve - smokie
For the sake of a 20p valve on a £130 tyre - I'd sooner they replaced it
New Tyres Old Valve - jc
Most tyre shops charge more for one valve than you can buy a set of five for.They charge a lot more than 20p.
New Tyres Old Valve - smokie
Oh! I was assuming it was a v cheap part, and to be honest I haven't a clue whether mine get changed or not.
New Tyres Old Valve - Marcos{P}
The valve stems can perish over time so it would be advisable to change the lot when getting new tyres.
You would feel a bit silly when for the sake of a couple of quid you get a tyre going flat because the stem has perished.
New Tyres Old Valve - Dynamic Dave
Just checked an old tyre invoice from a year ago. I was charged £1.23 per valve. I'd sooner pay that and have peace of mind.
New Tyres Old Valve - none
There are a couple of very good reasons for changing a valve at tyre replacement time.
Rust builds up on the rim under the valve seating. This can be removed during valve replacement.
The bonding between the brass core and the rubber sheath fails in time. This can lead to a rapid deflation at the most awkward time.
The core rarely fails unless dirt has been introduced during a pressure check etc.
New Tyres Old Valve - howy686
If the valve core fails, this will probably cause a relatively gradual loss of air, but the rubber stem, if perished, could break of under centrifugal force at high speed and cause a rapid deflation - not worth the risk for the small cost of a new valve...

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