just some info on a 306 - Kimion
I've seen some second hand alloy's I like the look of, and need to find the wheel offset for a 94' Peugeot 306 xsi. Can anyone enlighten me as I've looked through the net, but can only find its between 15 and 22!
The wheels I?m looking at have an offset of 35, so I would need hub spacers, and need to have a more precise figure.

Also, when driving along, and I turn on my lights, the oil pressure gauge jumps up by about 1-2 bars. Is this normal on these cars or is it more likely a faulty gauge.
Any help appreciated.
just some info on a 306 - SkyMan
Not sure about the wheels, but:

it sounds like the voltage regulator for the dash is a bit stuffed and is not supplying the right amount of juice to the oil gauge. Not a major panic as the low oil pressure light will probably be fed via a different sensor on the engine.

However dodgy dash voltages might cause other more important issues (eg false reading on the fuel gauge?)
just some info on a 306 - Alfafan {P}
Can't help with your question, but I have one of my own. What exactly is wheel offset? I'd never heard of it until a few days ago, when i saw a reference to the Alfa 155 wheel offset being an unusual size. Don't ask me what it is though. :)
just some info on a 306 - Claude
Inset and outset (offset).
This is the distance in mm between the centreline of the wheel rim and the line through the fixing face of the wheel hub. You can have inset, outset or neither. It will determine how the suspension and self-centring steering behave. If its wrong the most obvious problem that will occur is that the steering will either become so heavy that you can't turn the car or so light that you spend all your time keeping the car it in a straight line.
just some info on a 306 - Kimion
Thanks for the reply. Will investigate the voltage reg.
All the other gauges,lights etc seem ok. Although I can drive an extra 50 miles or so after the low fuel indicator comes on! it was around 25-30 miles on my old peugeot 205. (and no, i've never actually run out of petrol! :) )

Alfafan {P}
Offset is were the imaginary center line of the wheel is in relation to the hub mounting surface. If you fit a new wheel that has a lower offset than standard, the wheel will be to close to the inner body and rub or catch braking commponents. If larger, the wheel will stick out from under the arch and hit the bodywork when going over bumps!
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This is only a thought but some 306's had a recall to replace quite a bit of wiring loom as the original wire was too thin. Funny things can happen with voltage drops. My wife's L reg XRDt was affected but I dont know how many others or what reg's.
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hi lads.

can anyone help me with my rev and oil gauge....when i brought the car it was placed with new clock.....and now its died again

can anyone tell whys it keep dieing.

thank you

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