Tyres - Paul Bowden
Is there a comprehensive and reliable online site comparing tyres? For the record, I need to replace at least 2 - probably all - on a Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDI; I\'m very satisfied with the Eco Contact (I think - not with car at moment) which were fitted: they\'ve done 29000m so far1 They are not immediately available at my local ATS or Kwik-Fit though at the moment.

Tyres - Canon Fodder
Not a tyre comparison site as such Paul, but have you tried etyres.co.uk? I recently had one of the Continental eco-contact 165/70 R14 81T\'s replaced on my Polo for £42 inc vat - and they come to you...

Tyres - Harmattan
Mytyres both sell and provide independent info on tyres, although some of the info is in German. Try www.mytyres.net/start.html and make sure you click the Union Jack for the English site. Used them to buy snow tyres impossible to get in UK and they turned up in five days as promised. Another useful site is www.tyres-online.co.uk
which has a number of reviews.
Tyres - Blue {P}
Can\'t help with the site search, but my Fiesta has Premium Contacts fitted and I\'m very happy with them. Maybe worth a look instead of the Eco Contacts?

Tyres - sajid
how about vredestien tyres, they cost £29 each and last about 20,000 miles, there beeen a mention of them in hj column a while ago, i recommend them for three reasons,

1. longlasting
2. grip
3. cheap

Tyres - Vagelis
My Clio came with these Eco Contacts and I hated them from the start: no grip, prone to aquaplanning, no feel, and quick wear.

I changed them with two pairs of Bridgestone Potenza RE720 and saw sunshine once more! Just beautiful!

Other options are Pirelli P6000(more miles), Michelin Pilot Exalto(a bit more comfort), and from Continental the PremiumContact.

All these may be more expensive than those lousy Eco Contacts, but remember, it's the tyres that keep you on the road...
Tyres - P E
HJ has said in the past Ecocontacts are the mac daddies, along with mich. energy and the pirellis. I am about to replace all of mine tomorrow on my golf tdi 110 and am curious as to backroomers suggestions. cheers patrick
Tyres - David Lacey
Paul - Whats wrong with the car mate?
Tyres - Paul Bowden
I've just re-read my original message and see what you mean. What I MEANT to say was that I wasn't physically with the car at the time of writing and therefore wasn't sure of the exact name of the tyres! For the record, though, I am delighted with the Fabia. I've always had diesel VWs (Golf, Passat, Vento Tdi) and all have done very high mileages with me from new. The Fabia strikes me as a responsive, comfortable, solidly built and economical (55+mpg overall, for me) car - pretty well all I ask!
Tyres - Harmattan
Putting my money where my mouth is (see above)I ordered 4 new tyres from Mytyres via the Net on Wednesday. Was given a delivery date for next Tuesday but they turned up from Germany, according to the labels, this morning. You do have to factor in another £5 each for fitting but the prices are good and in my case they could supply to an unusual spec. Usual disclaimers re no connection.


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