carlton gsi - outkast
My gsi has the abs light on all the time,never goes, out does anyone know what the fault might be?
carlton gsi - Dynamic Dave
Wheel sensor failure, maybe??
carlton gsi - outkast
hope its only that,but i get the feeling its gonna be the managment system.
carlton gsi - NitroBurner
Hi outkast, owned a Gsi myself up until last year. FANTASTIC vehicle! Could very well be a wheel sensor-need to check the resistance of each one with a multimeter. When did you last change the brake fluid? Is it a 24v? Let me know how you go on via e-mail. Good luck. Nitroburner
carlton gsi - Hugo {P}
You'll not get it through the MOT like that.

As previous posts suggest, check the resistances of each wheel sensor, then you'll need to look at the ECU.

These can be very expensive but I managed to find a nd hand one for the Xantia for £60 from a breaker's yard.

The web also has a great source for recon units as well.

carlton gsi - SpamCan61 {P} has loads of useful data on ABS / ECU / ISCV etc. There may also be some useful info on
carlton gsi - outkast
thanks for the info, Ill wait for a dry day and check the sensors.
thanks to you all
carlton gsi - outkast
hi NitroBurner,yes its a 24v and i dont know when the brake fluid was last changed ive only had it a month or so.Is the fluid relevent to this sort of prob?
carlton gsi - NitroBurner
hi outkast. re brake fluid - yes, if it ain't been changed for years, water can get in cause corrosion. Nasty if it's the main control unit. Should change it every 2 years at least. Hope you're enjoying the car. I had a 12v 4 10yrs & thought it was brill. Keep me updated about it.
carlton gsi - RogerL
I hope you're driving gently, as the ABS is disabled while the warning light is on!
carlton gsi - NitroBurner
RogerL: may b so, but it doesn't affect the braking performance. A highly skilled driver (not I) can do a better job than ABS anyway by cadence braking. Off to the pub now - CU all later.........................
carlton gsi - MikeC
Outkast, just a thought, have you check that your brake lights are working? if both blow on my 92 Cavalier the ABS light will come on (and disable the ABS system). A couple of blubs are cheaper than messing with the sensors!

Cheers MikeC.
carlton gsi - outkast
Hi,yeah both bulbs are ok im gonna start with the sensors and test them,keep you posted


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