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In this thread you may ask any question for which you need help, advice, suggestions or whatever.

It does not need to be motoring related. In fact, in this thread it should not be.

No politics
No Speeding, speed cameras, traffic calming
No arguments or slanging matches
Nothing which I think is not following the spirit of the thread.

Any of the above will be deleted. If the thread becomes difficult to maintain it will simply be removed.

However, as has been said a couple of times, there is a wealth of knowledge in here, much of which is not motoring related, but most of which is useful.

This is Volume 12. Previous Volumes will not be deleted.
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - Hairy Hat Man
Someone out there must have already made a spreadsheet that takes a odometer milage reading and no of litres for every time you fill up and calcultes all sorts of mpg per tank, mpg to date, miles travelled per month etc etc.

If you have, would you care to share it?
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - DavidHM
Fill in your profile, inlcuding an e-mail address, and you can have mine.

It can work out price per litre, total cost or amount of litres, MPG to date, MPG overall, total and weighted average fuel cost.

It does need some tweaking as it doesn't automatically update averages and totals for inserting a new row. If anyone knows how to do that, I'd be interested. Also, because it assumes you know nothing about at least one of the figures, there are circular forumlae which you have to press cancel to leave in upon opening.

Anyone who wants a copy or has suggestions to improve it is welcome to contact me via the forum. For now I'll be leaving my address off profile so that others will fill in their profiles but I'll add it in a few days if this thread runs.
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - Hairy Hat Man
Thanks David,

In the interests of protecting my main email address, please email me at trashaccount @ ntlworld dot com.

Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - andymc {P}
To save yourself retyping formulae in a row or column, highlight the cells starting with the one where the original formula was entered and ending at the one where you want to add your latest information. Go to the Edit menu, then Fill, and a sub-menu will appear from which you can choose Fill Down, Fill Right, etc as appropriate. This will replicate your formula throughout the area highlighted. So if cell C1 contains the formula (=A1*B1), and you fill down the column, cell C2 will calculate A2*B2, C3 will calculate A3*B3, and so on. You can use this function horizontally or vertically. Obviously there must be figures in columns A and B for C to be calculated, or it will just show zero.
This is all far easier to do than to explain!
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - DavidHM
I can do the fill down and right with no problems. What I can't do (I don't know if it can be done automatically) is, say,

a3 contains = average(a1:a2) then I want a4 to contain average(a1:a3) and so on.
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - SteveH42
I don't know if this is what you want to do, but using the $ symbol locks part of a cell descriptor when you are copying cells.

For example, $A$1 would result in the reference staying as A1 on all copies. $A1 would result in the A part staying the same and the 1 part being updated based on where you copy it. A$1 would alter the A and keep the 1.

So, I suspect you need to put =average($a$1:a2) in cell a3 then copy this in to cell a4 and on.

Also, as a note to Hairy Hat Man, is your actual NTLWorld account name trashaccount? If not, then this mail will just disappear in to the ether - NTLWorld don't do redirects.
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - Hairy Hat Man
Steve, yes one of my many account names at ntl is TrashAccount. I set up random account names and drop them when they start getting spammed.

And NTL do do redirects:

Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - SteveH42
Ah, so you are why no-one can get the username they want on NTL, and why the mailservers are overloading! :)

That's not the type of redirecting I mean. I mean where you can set up a selection of usernames at a domain and get them redirected to one address. With NTL you have to have an actual mailbox to use that username.
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - Hairy Hat Man
AS with any isp, it's first come first served as far as usernames are concerned. That's why the likes of freeserve give you the option of different domain extensions.

NTL mailservers are overloading because they haven't got the hardware to cope and there is no facility to indicate that an account can be deleted. I actually don't use many different usernames, but am keen to protect my 'main' one. I'm suffering just like everyone else who's been with ntl for some time. Last week I received a message that had been 'received' by ntl 12 days beforehand!

They've allegedly been working on the current problem for nearly 3 weeks!
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - MikeC
This may help you.

I have spreadsheet where I input each fill up (to brim) on a seperate row. I have columns to input date (B) odo (C), litres (E) and cost (G). All other columns work out automatically as long as you drag the formulas down far enough. The other column formulas are:

Trip miles (D) = Odo at that fill up - the previous odo reading ie C2-C1 if you are entering on row 2.

Gals (F) = Litres/4.5 ie E2/4.5

MPG (H) is then = D2/F2

To work out the average mpg I do the following (again in each row).

Total Miles (I) (= Odo reading now - odo reading when car purchased ie C2-\'20000\' if car purchased at 20k

Total Gals (J) = The total number of gallons bought, this is the calculated by adding the gals bought at current fill up (F2) previous total above ie (J1).

Ave MPG is then I2/J2. You then always read the most current average.

All formulaes can then be dragged down. Shouldn\'t need to get circilar references or do anything to clever when updating it

My spreadsheet also calculates the pence per mile for all costs ie insurance, tax, repairs, depr, fuel across the years I\'ve owned car.

And I also have something which works out a cost my sister owes me for use of the car apportioned on the number of miles we each do.

Oh and also a little formula that\'s calculating the estimated miles I\'ve got left in each tyre. I really must get out more!!

Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - IanT
A more accurate calculation for gallons in David's spreadsheet would be Gals (F) = Litres/4.546.

Though I prefer to calculate it as (Total cost in pounds) / (pence per litre) * 22, which is accurate to the same number of decimal places.

Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - Morris Ox
I know we're wandering off topic here, but if you use NTL webmail you'll have chronic difficulty at the moment uless you also do a redirect to another webmail account (yahoo, for example) or into Outlook.

The problem isn't overloading, but their attempts to get round it via a series of new servers, which under-performed spectacularly when they were switched on a couple of weeks ago. NTL has been trying a fix ever since, but informed me it would take 'some time'.

As for Excel...I have enough of that at work, thank you!
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - Dynamic Dave
As this thread is wandering off topic, it will get moved to "I have a question" thread later today.
Excel milage / consumption spreadsheet - Oz
Sorry DD if it's too late for it. If anyone wants super-accurate conversions the following may help (as used on my Excel spreadsheet):
1 kilometre = 0.621371192 miles
1 litre = 0.219969152 gallons
Oz (as was)
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - THe Growler
The phone company installed my DSL which works very nicely. At the same time it fires up it launches IE6. When it does so it also launches the phone company's website home page: www.pldtdsl.com

Having read all the stuff on there I now have no use for it and want my homepage to be Hotmail. So set the home page to Hotmail. Fine. However, every time I start up, up comes the PLDT company homepage. If I then click on "Home" I get the Hotmail sign-on page, but I still get the other one first.

Try as I do I can't get rid of it. Mostly I use Opera anyway but
why does my IE6 Browser get commandeered by PLDT and why can't I get rid of that site? I thought at one point using Search & Destroy, which has a feature allowing you to edit what your Browser does at start-up, that I'd gotten rid of the offending site, but only to have it reincarnate itself.

The irritation of this per se is minor, the main bit being the frustration at being beaten. All ideas gratefully received.

IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Godfrey H {P}
Growler, I reckon there must be an entry in the registry somewhere. Start up regedit and do a search for your telco's web page cuting and pasting it exactly as it appears in your browser. You could also try Lavasoft Ad-Aware to hunt it down.

IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - THe Growler
Yup I went this route. I use RegCleaner, it's free, doesn't produce gooble de gook and presents everything in plain English. Not scary like Regedit either and it makes auto backups - well recommended. Combed through that. couldn't find anything that shouldn't be there.

Search and Destroy shows you what your browser activates when you fire it up. i.e. the home page and the search parameters currently selected. If your browser is putting stuff there which it shouldn't be, you have the option to deselect that. I zapped everything so the IE6 would come with a blank page but still this pesky website keeps loading. I can only conclude it's integrated into the phone company software and simply regenerates.

If I can find an hour to spare listening to Britney Spears and being told how important my call is (but not important enough not to keep me hanging on - good job local calls here are free...) while I wait for anyone at their call center tomorrow with half a brain maybe I can get an answer!
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Godfrey H {P}
Growler, another thing you can try is Spyware blaster at
I found some Ad-ware on my PC which I traced to my ISP. The only
way I got rid of it was spyware blaster. Funny thing is it disappeared when I moved to ADSL. I don't know whether ADSL had anything to do with it or the ISP had removed it due to a large number of complaints!
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Godfrey H {P}
Stop-press just found this which seems to fit your problem:


IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - THe Growler
Thanks all. I am now convince my IE browser has been hijacked. I have also tried Hijack Blaster and a number of similar tools, to no effect. They came up with nothing. This suggests the rogue website is reinstalling itself every time it cranks up. My take is the phone company is using this for marketing purposes and I can't be sure what they are doing with the info they are getting off my system. This wouldn't surprise me in a country where a 14 year old wrote the Love Bug. Remember that? I'm going to post my findings in the local media anyway and see what happens.

Although I use IE6 infrequently because of its generally inferior performance, it has now been summarily fired!

I shall maintain Opera as my primary browser, but because you can't post to the BR off it, I'll keep Mozilla as well. They are just so much faster and with things like anti pop-ups so no need for extra software too.

Maraming salamat everyone!
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Godfrey H {P}
I will be very interested to hear what you find out.
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - THe Growler
GH - I will certainly post anything I learn. The privacy laws and conventions have yet to catch up with the internet (if they ever will) so any of this could be happening to anyone.

Time to consider Linux?
Kids in pubs - PhilW
Change of topic here but can someone explain what the law is about under 18s in pubs? Reason I ask is that my wife ( a teacher) went to a local pub on Friday for meal with some colleagues and at about 10.30 went from the restaurant part to the public bar to have a quick smoke to find a 13 year old pupil (with parents) shouting " I didn't know you smoked miss" across the bar. Doesn't seem right really that you can't go into your local without meeting your (worst)pupils. No doubt he will be a prat about it tomorrow also.
Kids in pubs - DavidHM
It depends on the licence in place for the original pub. Generally you have to be over 14 to be allowed entry, but can't order or sit at the bar, let alone drink alcohol.

Some pubs have licences that allow under 14s in, either to the whole pub, or designated areas. I think these licences generally only apply until 9.30 p.m. although it might be possible for there to be exceptions.

Probably the pub was in breach of its licensing conditions by allowing him to remain there, but in practice, it's a minor breach that wouldn't be looked at too harshly compared to serving alcohol to a sixteen year old or serving until (gasp!) 11.30.

It's also the reason why a lot of teachers choose to do a long commute into school - less chance of meeting their pupils out of work. Of course, when you're going out for a work event there's not much other option than to choose a convenient central point, i.e., nearby.
Kids in pubs - PhilW
Thanks David - lazy on my part I know not to look it up elsewhere but Honest John site always has someone who can (and is willing to!) answer questions on anything!
Mobile phone question - HF

I have today received a new desktop charger for my mobile phone. The trouble is, it doesn't seem to be working. It has a small light on it, which doesn't come on when I plug it in - does this mean it's not receiving any power, or does the light only come on when the battery is charged? (it's been switched on a couple of hours now and there's no sign of any charging going on.)

This is really frustrating, and I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me what's going on.
Mobile phone question - HisHonour {P}

I think no light means not working!
Mobile phone question - HF
Hmm - dammit. I think you're right.

Thanks anyway Your Worship.
Mobile phone question - Dynamic Dave
HF, what make and model is the phone? Are you sure the desktop charger is compatable for your phone?
Mobile phone question - HF
Hi D,

My phone is a Motorola T191e. And the charger is definitely for this phone. It says it on the label, and the connections fit perfectly.

Just when I plug the charger in, there's no sign of any activity at all - either there's something wrong with my mains adaptor (and I don't think there is), or the charger is faulty.

I was wondering if there was any way, without electrocuting myself, of making sure that my adaptor is indeed adapting in the way it is intended to?

This charger was my very first ever experience of buying on Ebay! Hopefully something will happen to ensure that it is not my last!
Mobile phone question - Dynamic Dave
HF, either you'll need to find someone who's competant with a multimeter to measure the voltage output from the charger, or pop along to your nearest phone shop and let them have a butchers at it.
Mobile phone question - HF
OK D, thanks - guess it's the phone shop's lucky day ;)
Mobile phone question - SteveH42
If you've got a small car bulb and a couple of bits of wire, you can use this to test if *something* is coming out of the mains adaptor or the charger. There certainly should be something from the mains adaptor, but the charger may not output a voltage until it detects the battery. You can't damage anything doing this, but the bulb may only light dimly as the voltage is likely to be about half what it would be on a car.

As DD points out though, a multimeter would be a better diagnostic tool.
Mobile phone question - HF
Steve - I'm not sure how to do that without electrocution. But I took the charger into a mobile phone shop yesterday. They checked it for me with their own adaptor, and it is indeed a dud. I'm pretty sure my own adaptor must be sound, because the shop guy said it is a common fault with this phone for the adaptor connection to become dodgy.

Typical - of all the thousands of people who use ebay successfully every day, I have to be the one that buys dodgy goods!

Mobile phone question - Dynamic Dave
Typical - of all the thousands of people who use ebay
successfully every day, I have to be the one that buys
dodgy goods!

I've never used E-Bay, but surely there must be some way of contacting the seller. Also I believe, isn't there a ratings system whereby you credit the seller with a good or bad opinion of them?
Mobile phone question - DavidHM
E-mail the seller. Most people are paranoid about maintaining good feedback and so will happily give you your money back.

Explain to them that the charger appears to be a dud - there's every chance that it's been lying around since they got rid of the phone and thought they'd get a few quid for it, rather than them trying to rip you off.

If not, wait for them to leave positive feedback for you and then leave something negative for them.
Mobile phone question - HF
Hi D and David -

I've already emailed the seller twice since finding it was a dud. And, whilst she was extremely friendly and quick at replying BEFORE i received the charger, my last 2 mails have been ignored.

This particular seller seems to make thousands of trades, and has generally very good feedback, so I don't actually think it was a deliberate con. Also I think the charger is brand new, the seller I think must do this almost on a full time basis.

It's only a matter of a few quid, so not that important, but I'm annoyed that she won't respond to my latest mails.

If I don't hear anything today, I will leave honest feedback, explaining the above. And then wait for her to badmouth me even though I have been extremely polite and courteous throughout!

It's just so damned annoying because I am desperate to get my phone up and running again!
Mobile phone question - Mark (RLBS)
>>It's just so damned annoying because I am desperate to get my phone up and running again

Go down the nearest market and/or cheapie shop and buy a car charger for it. Last time I noticed they were 5 quid at a market near me.

They're not particularly good quality, and they won't take much abuse, but they wrork well enough.

Mobile phone question - HF
Cheers M - the trouble is, the connector hole in the actual phone has become loose, I didn't explain that properly above. So a normal pin thing doesn't work in it. That's why the idea was to get a battery charger rather than a phone charger, hence the desktop idea.
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Robin

After reading many of your posts extolling the virtues of Opera as a browser I finally bit the bullet and downloaded it. It is indeed faster than IE6 (cannot thnk why though). Do you have any idea why you cannot log into this site using it? I can log onto other forum sites with no trouble. I have Opera set up with "identify as MSIE6" selected.


IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - smokie
I can think of two or there reasons why Opera appear faster

1) It is more efficiently written
2) You wanted it to be faster
3) Your cache location is different and your old IE cache was bunged up with years of old rubbish.

On balance 1) gets my vote but 3) can cause immense problems with IE so the moral is use the Delete Files option in Internet Options to clear down your cache.
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - THe Growler
I can log on to Back Room with Opera, but I cannot post.

There is no question it is faster than IE6, even with IE6 Favorites imported and configured to behave like same. The way it handles multiple windows via tabs and the "rewind" function (Opera 7) give it my vote. Plus it has the download manager et al.

IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Kuang
I'm using Opera 7.10 and it works a treat on this site under MSIE6.0 ID mode. Have you tweaked your cookie settings at all?
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Robin
Kuang: I have Opera 7.11 and am running it as it installed itself. So far, I am v. impressed with how fast it is but, unlike Growler, I cannot even login to this site never mind post to it. Any ideas as to what the Cookies should be set to?


IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Kuang
Hmm.. the standard install should work just fine - its a fairly run-of-the-mill setup with nothing too unusual. It's often best to set cookies settings for both normal and third party to 'accept all', just for troubleshooting purposes. How exactly does the site fail when you try to post? Does it let you log in at all?

I'm wondering if there might be problems with the magic wand. This is similar to APple's KeyChain feature, in that it will remember all of your password and allow you to control them using one master one. This is great, until it gets a password wrong. It might be worth turning that off for the time being, again just for troubleshooting purposes.

The final thing to try is the popup control setting. Popups use javascript, but so do perfectly valid pages - its all down to how it's written. If you tell it not to allow any popups you might find that nothing happens when you click the button because it isn't allowing the code to run. It's best to set the control to 'open requested popups only' as this will allow sites to function that use legitimate popups and javascript redirection, but will still ban unsolicited ones.

GOod luck :)
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Robin
Oh well, tried all this but with no joy. I guess I'll have to use bad old IE6 for HJing. Pain. Thanks anyway.
IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - THe Growler
Not the Magic Wand, not the cookies, not the pop-ups, has to be something beyong my limited IT grasp. I remember talking with Martyn once before about this and he mentioned IIRC that he was looking into compatibility with Opera. Never mind.

I am also on 3 other fora with my hi-jacked browser problem with expert minds from California, locally, Australia, Finland and germany on the case, so far none with the answer! They all say call your telco. Oh, yeah, so I dial 171like I have all day to listen to Barbie Doll teeny electronic pop in between telling me how much they value my call, but somehow not enough to answer it!

Among the many curses of this age: the Call Center!

IE6 Unwanted pirate home page - Another John H
Have looked here ?

Windows XP drivers - volvoman
Hi Folks - I've just bitten the bullet and ordered a new P4 PC. I've been told the supplying company will install any peripherals I already have providing I have XP drivers for them. The scanner (Microtek) and printer (Lexmark) I want to connect are both USB devices but both were purchased in 2000 so the drivers supplied with them won't include XP. Is this a problem and if so how can I get XP drivers for both devices?

Also, I seem to recall that Windows 3.1/95 ? had lots of drivers for common printers etc. Does XP contain a driver folder and, if so, why have I been told I'll need my own drivers ?

BTW - simple (non-tech) answers only please 'cos I'm about as good with computers as Prince Philip is with diplomacy. Many thanks all !
Windows XP drivers - frostbite
Hello V, You should be able to get any drivers you need from the manufacturers website - certainly the first place to look, anyway.
Windows XP drivers - DavidHM
As a simple matter of running costs, ditch the Lexmark. You can get cheap ink for Epson printers (as in a fiver a cartridge) from www.kc-inks.co.uk - one of the best sites there is. A new Epson printer will start at £50 and even if you go for something a bit higher end, it will have paid for itself with three cartridges.

Otherwise, you can get the XP drivers from the manufacturer's website, if there are any - there probably are.

There will quite possibly be drivers with XP already, particularly for the printer. Microtek scanners can sometimes be a bit more difficult to get drivers for.

The problem is that the ordinary Microsoft drivers, while they will work, often won't include features such as the ink level and the ability to clean the print head. The manufacturer's driver might also have better optimisation features, for instance when printing photos. This might not matter for you, but these features will also be assumed by the manual and/or the manufacturer's tech support if you ever use that.
Windows XP drivers - Godfrey H {P}
I've just upgraded to XP and I went to the HP site for my printer driver and it just said "use XP driver". I did a bit more investigating and found that Microsoft had incorporated all the features previously only available with the HP driver. So try the Microsoft drivers first!
Windows XP drivers - volvoman
Thanks F, D & G ! I'll go and have a look on the websites.
I\'m a believer..... - Mark (RLBS)
At the end of the film Shrek they play an old Monkees song, I think its \"I\'m a believer\".

However, its not by the Monkees.

Does anyone know who it is by and where I might get it ? Believe it or not its for my Mother.
I'm a believer..... - HF
It's by someone called Smash Mouth. You can get a copy of the film's soundtrack from places like Amazon etc, but I don't know about just that particular song.
I'm a believer..... - Mark (RLBS)
Thanks HF. How did you know that ?

Anyway, I've found it on Amazon and if nobody has turned up with an electronic version by Monday I shall order it. Its the Smash Mouth album rather than the Shrek sound track.
I'm a believer..... - smokie
Kazaa search turns up lots of 'em, but what abou the copyright infringement?
I\'m a believer..... - Mark (RLBS)
Kazaa ?

And I wouldn\'t knowingly breach a copyright agreement, I just want to check with my Mother its the right one before buying it.
I'm a believer..... - smokie
I've got it as an MP3 but it's 4.5 mb. Want me to mail it? Or trim it a bit then mail?

Kazaa is a peer to peer file sharing program commonly used for sharing music and viruses over the internet! Probably at www.kazaa.com. (One of the many successors to Napster)
I'm a believer..... - smokie
Found a smaller but (I think) complete version, 1.3 mb (poorer quality). Could send or trim, do you want the start or the end? Pls advise...
I'm a believer..... - Mark (RLBS)
Thanks Smokie, I've sent you an e-mail.

I'm a believer..... - THe Growler
If yo are using Kazaa, get good spyware detection software.
I'm a believer..... - HF
I use Bearshare for downloading music - I've not had any problems with it, but have experienced nightmares with Kazaa and one or two others.
I'm a believer..... - HF
Glad to be of assistance. I didn't know it, I just did a quick search for you. Wonderful, aren't I? ;)

What do you mean by the electronic version?

I'm a believer..... - HF
Oh sorry how dense of me - hadn't read smokie's posts before writing!
computer question - HF
Sorry to change the subject, M, but I installed AOL 8.0 today, and my internet access has been extremely slow ever since.

I'm wondering if it could be because I have too many AOLs installed now, I still have 6.0a, 6.0b, 6.0c and 7.0. However, if I go to 'add/remove programmes', the only thing listed is AOLUK, and I presume removing this would remove my whole AOL account.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the obsolete AOLs? (without completely uninstalling and reinstalling, because I have email information stored that I do not want to lose).

Ta for any response.
computer question - frostbite
AOL software takes over your computer like a virus and is best avoided.
computer question - HF
AOL software takes over your computer like a virus and is
best avoided.

Frostbite -
So you mean there's no solution to my question, short of getting rid of AOL entirely?
computer question - eMBe {P}
>> AOL software takes over your computer like a virus and
>> best avoided.
Frostbite -
So you mean there's no solution to my question, short of
getting rid of AOL entirely?

HF: Personally, If I were you, I would stick to AOL if you have happily and succesfully used it in the past (it seems you have been with AOL for a while now). If things have not changed in recent days, AOL used to give free 0800 telephone or e-mail technical help. So why not try asking them about de-installing and re-installing to AOL8? As far as I know, AOL do offer better customer care than many other ISPs.

If you want to change to another ISP for some reason, then it may be worth looking up ntl offers again if you are on an ntl line.

I am not with AOL nor have any asociation with them in any way.
computer question - HF
Thanks eMBe,

Yes, I would far rather stick with AOL if I can. Genius suggestion about trying to ring them - in these days of online communication I tend to forget sometimes about the existence of the humble telephone! I'm pretty sure they still have the free helpline you mention.

computer question - Dynamic Dave
HF, what might have happened is that your registry might have become overloaded with old files that are no longer needed from previous versions of AOL. There is some software called
"RegClean" which will do exactly as it says on the tin - clean up your registry.

It's available for download for free here:-

It even allows you to undo changes made, just in case it accidentally deleted something from the registry it shouldn't have. I've been using it for 3 years with no probs though.
computer question - frostbite
No, my comment mainly relates to the number of people who, having installed it, find that when uninstall time comes it has hooks into places you didn't even know you had!

It is very intrusive re windoze and registry and should never be installed on a casual basis or, IMO, just to try out some free offer, cos a bad uninstall can cripple the OS.

However, if you have it installed and you're staying with AOL it should work as intended.
I'm a believer..... - Tom Shaw
"It's for my mother"

Yea, right!
I'm a believer..... - Mark (RLBS)
It is, honest !
I'm a believer..... - Dwight Van Driver

Forget the phone call to AOL. Go to Customise AOL and look for Live Help (Key Word).

This will put you in touch with a technician so you can discuss finger to finger. Service open 8am to midnight.

Been with them for 3 years on monthly plan all use and have noticed of late problems you describe which I put down to them trying to make me go to Broadband.

Not yet with 8. Tried 7, didn't like so went back to 6.

I'm a believer..... - eMBe {P}
HF >> Not yet with 8. Tried 7, didn't like so went back
to 6.>>>> DVD>>

DVD & HF : I know that with AOL6, subscribers had to log on to AOL via their browser (which was in effect a disguised IE5); and then they were able to bypass the AOL browser limitations by minimising that AOL6 window, and starting up IE as the 2nd operating browser. Then IE could be used with multiple windows just as if it was the main browser. Assuming this workaround can still be used, HF could perhaps try to see if it solves her AOL8 "sluggishness".
I'm a believer..... - HF
eMBe explain please?

I'm really not sure I understand you here! I log on to the net, and AOL using Google is my search engine. I certainly don't subsequently have to log onto IE - because i think AOL does that for me.

Would be really grateful for a little more clarification at the risk of sounding thick!
I'm a believer..... - eMBe {P}
eMBe explain please? >> I certainly don't subsequently have to log onto IE ->>

HF: Just minimise your AOL window after start-up, and then start IE indepenently. (You can run any other browser if you wish instead of IE).

The minimised AOL window is necesssary to keep you logged on to the internet via AOL as your ISP.
New Menu on left of this page - eMBe {P}
Is it just on my PC or does anybody else also just see a textless "Blue Box with the front end of a car" in the menu on the left?

Also, on the Technical forum, all the centre posting layout seems to have gone awry?
New Menu on left of this page - smokie
Beneath the Motoring Telegraph ad? On mine, that's a Glass's animated ad, which does include a sketch of a car. Tech is OK here too. Try clearing your internet cache (Options, Internet Options, under Temporary Files click Delete files)

Earlier today (well, yesterday now!) I seemed to lose my cookie. I.e. no posts were marked as New, and it had forogtten my logon and password when I went to post something. (So had I!)
New Menu on left of this page - Dynamic Dave
Also, on the Technical forum, all the centre posting layout
seems to have gone awry?

Mark has just fixed it. However, there appears to be nothing wrong with the "Blue Box with the front end of a car" in the LH menu. That is the Glass's guide link. As Smokie suggests, try clearing your cache.
New Menu on left of this page - eMBe {P}
DD and Smokie : thanks. I clear my cache every day. But smokie has provided the answer in another way.

The reason I am getting a STATIC blue box with no text in it is: I have set my IE tools/internet-options/security settings to prevent java-scripts, applets, active-X etc. controls to "disabled" for most sites. That means i do not get as many pop-ups or other fancy displays that I do not want or need.

Glass's are therefore losing out on advertising on my PC, whereas motoring-telegraph, PN-plate-search, and warranty-direct are clearly visible!
I have a question. Volume 12 - borasport20
this may be a long shot, but...

has anybody any recommendations for a simple and preferably free (or v cheap) piece of job costing software - just to track hours spent etc etc ?

I know you're a discerning lot, so I trust your judgement


I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
I have a question. Volume 12 - pdc {P}
I use something called PunchClock on my Palm PDA. There is a windows version available, which I think will work standalone.

I have a question. Volume 12 - smokie
I used a trial version of Worktime (v3.0) which ran out after 30 days but collected comprehensive data about your activity at your PC, if that's what you are after. It tracked length of time working in each document, email, presentation etc and gave some nice reports.

I have a question. Volume 12 - OAP
New Question...Subject ref: Barriers.

My son has a 24ft wide entrance to his drive/hardstanding. He needs to erect some form of barrier to discourage children from running on to the road.

He is not keen on wrought iron as this could mean a combination of 2x'fences' and 2xgates which would limit access and involve annual painting.

I have put out one or two enquiries to people listed by Google who may be able to offer some form of retractable barrier.

Is there anyone in the Backroom who has had (or knows someone who has had) a similar need and could suggest a solution?
I have a question. Volume 12 - Mark (RLBS)
I have a cattle grid, about twice the width of a normal drive. It stops children and dogs, and is also very useful since it makes a racket when someone drives over it, making sure that we know there is someone around.

I did worry about either a child or a dog running on to it without thinking and twisting a leg/ankle. But it hasn\'t ever happened.

The only casualty was a drunken fool (not me) who thought he\'d come in an see if he could find anything worth stealing one night. He fell over the grid and took a couple of teeth out.

Depends on the area he lives in, mind you. I doubt a cattle grid would go down very well in the middle of a housing estate !
I have a question. Volume 12 - OAP

Mark...thank-you...that is amazing...surely that sets a new land speed (or ether-speed) record for an answer to a backroom question and leaves me thinking "Why didn't I think of that". It just goes to prove that there will always be someone out there who will help...whatever the problem!

It will be interesting to see whether anyone comes up with other ideas. In the meantime, I have no doubt that my son will be getting on to the likes of F.H.Burgess (Agricultural Engrs) for a quote.
I have a question. Volume 12 - Mark (RLBS)
If you think it\'s a good idea, then a couple of other points about it...

Firstly, you need to put a gate in your fence somewhere, since you won\'t want to walk over the grid, especially when its raining, since they are slippery. That might shorten the entrance a little, but it worked for us.

Secondly, make sure it is put in properly and supported in the middle. At this point you need to bear in mind the heaviest truck you are every likely to want to bring over it and allow for that strength. We had to allow for the tanker which delivers our oil since the tank is too far for any pipe to reach from outside the grid.

Make sure it has a drainage hole(s) to stop it filling up with rainwater.

Lastly, make sure that small animals have a way of getting out. We have two tiny little sets of steps, hedgehog size, so that they don\'t get trapped.

Glad I could help.
cattle grid barrier - eMBe {P}
OAP: If you live in an urban or semi-urban area, do check that there is no local regulation against installing cattle-grids. You may have to take account of public-liability questions - including taking steps to prevent injury to your Postman, etc.
cattle grid barrier - OAP

Mark and eMBe...thank-you both.

Points taken.
cattle grid barrier - Pugugly {P}
"You may have to take account of public-liability questions - including taking steps to prevent injury to your Postman, etc."

Occupiers Liability Act 1954. A carefully placed sign will cover you on this.(pictogram acceptable etc)
cattle grid barrier - DavidHM
I don't want to go against PU too much but the Occupiers' Liability Act (1957 if we're counting) basically requires you to make it 'reasonably safe'. A sign is probably not enough in itself if the only way in for the postman, tradespeople and so on is to walk across the cattle grid, especially if it's been raining etc.

Of course it's in your own interest to do that as well because even if your kids are unlikely to sue you I'm sure you have other concerns about their welfare. Therefore, given that you are unlikely to be helping security too much if you have a gaping hole wide enough to drive a truck down, just because it has a cattle grid on it, I'd suggest leaving the gate unlocked as a matter of course.
new question CD drive - wemyss
I recently had to replace my hard drive. No problems and had a clean reinstall of Win 98.
However a couple of programmes I have are on CDRW and when I try to install them the computer simply freezes.
The hourglass symbol shows but no activity and eventually I have to eject the CD. On one occasion it refused to eject and had to use the emergency screw on the front to get the CD out.
Normal OEM or retail CDs work OK and so does the music ones but the RWs simply freezes the system.
They worked before the new hard drive was installed so could this be the cause in some way.
Or is this just coincidence and I need to fit a new CD drive.
Any ideas please.

new question CD drive - Mark (RLBS)
You've got the wrong driver installed, I suspect.

I think you have a look you will find that you have a standard driver for a normal read-only CD drive. You'll need to remove that one and install the correct one.

This can be tricky, because if the CD tries to auto-install it will pick up the same, and wrong, driver again.

Can't help you more than that, I'm afraid.
new question CD drive - smokie

I can't immediately think of a cause for this related to a new operating system, although it would be worth checking that you can access a new RW disk to make sure the drivers are right. However, I've had similar problems when the CD itself had had some sort of crisis and wasn't readable any more.

I suppose check to see if it is ALL RWs or just some, in the first place...

new question CD drive - smokie
Oh, and if you have the choice, try the CD in the drive which wrote it by preference. I certainly have CDs which hapily read in my (external) CD writer, but won't in my regular CD drive. It's something to do with the depth at which the laser reads, and at which it's been recorded.
new question CD drive - Mark (RLBS)

I'm guessing its a PC which has been custom made rather than one of the main makes. Therefore the drivers in the OpSys are frequently unsuitable. It probably needs the driver specific to that CDRW Drive since the default drive is almost certainly for read-only drives.

new question CD drive - Altea Ego
Agree with Mark, you need the drivers for the CD/RW. As its Win 98 they are not always there by default. You also need a program that reads the RW file system. This is usually supplied with the programe that you use to burn CDs (nero, adaptek etc.)
new question CD drive - wemyss
Thanks for your help. Tried today to install a better driver as suggested. I still have the original 1995 floppy driver but is now outdated and it tried to install in DOS.
Windows has a standard windows driver installed for this device and insists that it is the best driver.
I forced it to change to a Mitsumi one out of its database and it immediately crashed in a fit of pique and then refused to boot up again. Finally got that sorted and working again.
It is indeed a custom one Mark which I first built in 1995 with win 3.1 486 processor and the largest hard drive then in existence 740mb. And a massive 8mb of memory.
The new ones at work were then 400mb hard drive size and 4mb memory.
Have upgraded it over the years and the CD and floppy are the only original items left.
Have gone to the Mitsumi site for a suitable driver but with no luck. Smokie also has a good point in that a CD written in one drive may not read in another. I recall a floppy drive in a works computer would read and write its own floppies but other computers couldn?t read them.

cattle grid barrier - Mark (RLBS)
Firstly you would need a gate, as I said; As much for your own convenience as anything.

Secondly its a huge amount of security since nothing can get across the grid silently. An unlocked gate can be driven through very quietly. Burglars and the like tend to appreciate silence. And staggering across the grid with a television in your arms would be dangerous.
cattle grid barrier - Pugugly {P}
Concedes on being three years out. A sign is enough, the other option if this is the only way in is a non-slip coating.
I have a question. Volume 12 - Mark (RLBS)
Pulling the volumes together
I have a question. Volume 12 - Mark (RLBS)
pulling the volumes together

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