wheel wobble - 5 series - Michael
i have an annoying wobble through the steering wheel at exactly 65 mph. It feels like wheel balance but hasn't changed even though wheels were balanced and recently replaced. Dealer has been helpful and is calling in the regional expert to assist but wonderd if anyone has any inside knowledge of this problem. car has done 30000, and this problem started around 25000.
Check tyres very carefully. - D J Woollard

You need to be 100% sure about the wheels and tyres before looking any further. I have known some folk spend ages going through the wheel bearing/driveshaft/engine mounts/suspension bushes route only to return to an out of round tyre.

Changing wheels/tyres front to rear is a first step. But of course you can't be sure that the rear tyres are perfect. Is it possible to borrow a pair of front wheels/tyres from a car you know doesn't have this fault?

I have known dealers and tyre centres that think if a wheel/tyre is perfectly balanced on their machine it must be OK. They ignore the fact that on the machine the tyre is in free space and unaffected by tread variation once balanced. Put it back on the car in contact with the road and it is a different matter.

I wonder if on-car balancing has been tried?

My careful check is to jack up each wheel in turn and spin it slowly with a fixed pointer (something like a dial test indicator stand) just touching/close to various parts of the tread and sidewall. You might be amazed by the lumps and tread deviations found on an otherwise good tyre.

Re: Check tyres very carefully. - mike harvey
Davids advice is perfect, I've encountered many tyres which are balanced perfectly, but not round! The other things to check for would be do the wheels actually fit the hubs properly? I have had one car with non standard alloys fitted that did not pull up flush to the hub due to the centre hole not being quite big enough. Do as David suggests and jack the car up and look at the run-out. Also check carefully for any free play in the steering/ suspension mechanism, as that would cause your symptoms too.
Good luck,
Re: Check tyres very carefully. - Michael
Thanks David, I agree with all you said. What concerns me is that the symptoms did not change even though initially the wheels were changed front to rear and then four new tyres were fitted to replace the worn out old ones (even wear on all tyres). I'll try the fixed pointer anyway...
Re: Check tyres very carefully. - honest john
Hope this isn't a 5 Series with the 'Enhanced Specification' Duntop TD run-flat tyres. Try to put any other tyres on the special rims and you will run into real problems.

Dynamic Balancing - David Lacey
On car balancing will sort this one out as DJW rightly says.
We have used our Hoffmann on car dynamic balancer to cure many steering shakes that all the 'experts' had looked at.
This machine is worth its weight in gold to us.


Re: Dynamic Balancing - Mark (Brazil)
I've always wondered how those "on car" balancing thingies work.

Is it simple to explain ?

Re: Dynamic Balancing - Michael
thanks guys, an on car balancer was also recommended by the dealer (all wheels passed the fixed pointer test)..they are arranging an appointment elsewhere as they dont have one.

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