Toyota RAV4 - Good experience of Broker - Keith Owen

Hi All

Just a quick note to provide some feedback of my experience of purchasing a new car through a broker.

List price for a Toyota RAV4 Excel 2WD is around 36k. Clearly, I wouldn't expect to pay that with some judicious haggling at a main dealer.

Reading HJ's advice about brokers, I shopped around, and was tempted by 'Cort Vehicle Contracts', however, was put off by the issue of the registration being retained by the lease company for 6 months. I assume this was to allow the broker access to lower rates from Toyota, and maintain dealer margins and over all brand value.

The price I was given was 30600, which included metallic paint. Given the huge delta in prices, I thought it was a risk worth taking - particularly as I could charge the deposit on a card to ensure appropriate protection.

The entire experience was a positive one - kept updated with delivery times etc.

A request was made to register the car in my name, which the supplying dealer was happy to do. I appreciate this wasn't guaranteed.

It arrived on time as promised and everything seemed okay.

Overall, thrilled with the experience and based on my experience, be really happy to use them again and wholly recommend to friends or family

Hope this is useful


Toyota RAV4 - Good experience of Broker - brum

Discount seems about average.

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Toyota RAV4 - Good experience of Broker - jgrahampo

is it lawful for the "log book" to be retained or the regd keeper's address to be deliberately wrong. Plus I think after the 6m you will show as the second keeper thus devaluing he car's resale vale.


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