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can anyone advise if they are reliable and how expensive to repair. exploring a more luxurious saloon to replace my Ford mondeo which broke frequently and wondering if this could be good for around 15 to 20k miles a year and likely to run from about 40k to 150k ish. also looking at mazda 6..dont like avensis and passat ok ish

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The diesels in both the Jag and the Mazda have a poor reputation. The best bet for longterm reliability would be the Mazda 6 with the 2.0 Skyactiv petrol motor, though I’d be tempted by a petrol XF myself. The diesels I’d forget.
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I’d be tempted by a petrol XF myself

I’ve been running a XF 25t Auto (2.0 I4 247bhp petrol) from new for the last 18 months, covering almost 12k miles in that period and hasn’t missed a beat. It’s quiet, wafts the car along nicely (a really excellent 8 speed ZF TC gearbox) and really goes when you want it to. Average MPG is low to mid 30’s so the OP will be frequenting the fuel station on a regular basis.

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Get a Toyota or Honda - best for relibaility - imho.

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Lexus IS300, 50 mpg and brilliant reliability. Skoda superb with the 1.4 tsinengine is also surprisingly economical and goes well for a big car with a relatively small engine.

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