What is a euro 6b diesel car? - Domina29

I can't find any information regarding euro 6b but euro 6 euro 6c euro 6d euro 6dtemp info is out there. I know euro 6 diesel if fine for ulez etcI, but let's say in 5 years, what emissions standard will a diesel car have to be - a standard euro 6 or further up the scale at euro 6d/temp?

What is a euro 6b diesel car? - Bromptonaut

There's a reasonable stab here:


Given that early iterations of Euro 6 are so far deficient in terms of paper v real world I think the probability of them being caught in future ULEZs is quite high. There already appears to be some differentiation for VED and tax on company cars.

What is a euro 6b diesel car? - Domina29

Many thanks, this is helpful. From what I gather euro 6b 6c 6d 6dtemp are all the same in terms of co2 and nox levels, they are just tested differently. But it's likely that the RDE of euro 6b may not meet the testing conditions of euro 6d?

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