Rattle from scuttle area - David_S
My Seat Cordoba TDI Vario (same as VW Polo, mostly) has an annoying rattle from somewhere within the scuttle/enginebay
more to the nearside.

To my untrained ear sounds more of a mechanical rattle than a trim issue.

At 1500-2200 rpm under light to moderate acceleration it is most prominent. Seems OK on the overrun roadspeed and selected gear do not make a difference.
Just had it serviced by SEAT and they tightened the brake disk backplate which although it may have been loose made no difference.

Anyone ideas ?
Rattle from scuttle area - Hairyharry

Exhaust heatshields are responsible for a lot of rattles which can be difficult to locate.
Rattle from scuttle area - David Lacey
Clutch cable touching something?
Rattle from scuttle area - David_S
Difficult to locate tell me about it....
The air intake pipe which runs behind the battery and down to intercooler was catching on something within the wing when I gave it a real tug back and forth so have wedged this to prevent that.
On the brake pipes which run in the engine bay on scuttle there is a heat shield I have secured this with an extra cable tie as I could move it.
The gear selector cables pass up from under the exhaust heat shield there was some movement there so pushed and prodded cables and heat shield from above to stop that.
stripped out glove box and tightened anything behind that I could move in and around aircon assembley.

You may guess rattles drive me nuts.....
300 miles tomorrow will tell me if I have had any success.
Rattle from scuttle area - Baskerville
Under acceleration you say? I had something similar on my old BX. It turned out the exhaust was fouling the heat shield very slightly, but only when the engine was under load and tilting back a fraction; it was worse when turning to the left. It looked fine with the engine switched off. Could be something like that.

Rattle from scuttle area - David_S
OK got it had 300 miles rattle free, it was the intercooler pipe running into wing.
I removed my wedge(oily rag) rattle returned re wedged and all ok
now to find a more permanent fix.

Rattle from scuttle area - David Lacey
Glad you sorted your rattle - I for one cannot tolerate rattles/squeaks/creaks in cars!
Rattle from scuttle area - bertj
Loose baffle in silencer? It's amazing how rattles travel. Try thumping the exhaust pipe/silencer/catalyst(with your hand - make sure things are cool!)

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