Brake pedal query - TM
I hope you understand this problem to comment on it.
Following application of the brakes, which work fine and efficiently, and when say the car is completely stationary at a junction, in traffic, etc.,and the hand-brake is not applied, and the foot remains on the brake pedal, I can 'feel', on the sole of my shoe which is on the brake pedal, a sutle 'ticking' sound, intermitently.
Any ideas what this could be??
Brake pedal query - David Lacey
Is it a Citroen with hydropneumatic suspension per chance?
Brake pedal query - Marcos{P}
Probably just the some sort of mechanical boost for the brakes working. I presume it is not a Citroen and is a Peugeot.
Brake pedal query - TM
Sorry, forgot to mention make - however, as you have deduced, it is a Peugeot 307.
I have owned a previous 307, same Hdi engine, and it did not have this problem with the brakes?
Thanks for your comments.
Brake pedal query - frostbite
ABS cutting in? My motor does this almost every time, when I reach about 5mph.


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