Super mini with AC - blade
Help, anybody reccommend a supermini size (eg Corsa) car fitted with AC. Petrol or diesel. Preferably benifitting from low insurance rates and tax. Prefer a 2 to 4 year old buy but will consider new. Prehaps Honest John has an opinion?


Super mini with AC - Dave N
Seat Ibiza 1.2 (New). £8K with air, central locking, PAS, electric windows.
Super mini with AC - DavidHM
Pretty much any of them. My money would be on a Fiesta or Citroën C3. The Micra is worth a look too, as is the Mazda2, which is a cheaper, nicer reworking of the Ford Fusion.

Incidentally, as much as I like the Ibiza, the broker discounts on Polos mean they're only £400 more - and the extra will prove a great investment at resale time.

When you say air conditioning, do you mean a/c, or actually mean climate control, i.e., you can set the temperature in degrees? £9k will get you any of the cars I've mentioned above with a good spec, and most of them can be had for under £8k from brokers like or The Honda Jazz is absolutely excellent but will be nearer £10k with air con.

Do you have any other requirements?
Super mini with AC - Alf
C3, great practical car, loads of space for its class. Think depth not length. Put off the Yaris due to lack of practicality, tiny bootspace. Put off the otherwise excellent Jazz due to its 'boneshaker' ride.


Super mini with AC - SteveH42
Put off the Yaris due to lack
of practicality, tiny bootspace.

I do wish Toyota would do a better sales job on this thing. How many of the other cars in this class can seat 4 large adults in comfort, and 2 adults plus kids with a bigger boot? The larger bootspace in other cars comes at the expense of passenger room - on the Yaris you can slide the back seat to mimic that 'cramped supermini' effect if you want to fill the boot with rubbish, or leave it back and sit in (relative!) luxury if you can manage with 'only' a bootful of junk.
Super mini with AC - peterb
Do agree, Steve.

If you want room for 4 adults *plus* lots of boot space, you need a bigger class of car.

The Yaris is hugely roomy inside.
Super mini with AC - mab23

Honda Jazz has A/C, on the SE model at least.

The list price of this new, inc metallic paint is around 10500, but we picked up an 03 pre-reg model with delivery miles and metallic from Ryland Stockport last weekend for 8995, with a fair trade-in on the old car. The only difference from a new-new one is it had a tape player not CD player.

They still have a few left, most in that shocking pink though. Ryland Manchester also had a few in Clover Green metallic.


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