Fiesta Ignition Lock - Andy Velcro

The ignition lock on my 1995 Fiesta has given up the ghost. Ford will sell me a new one but insist that I get the code extracted from the immobiliser at a cost of £50. Do I need to have the code extracted can't I just reprogramme the new black key with my original red key. Any advise would be appreciated!

Fiesta Ignition Lock - Drivethru

The ignition barrel went on my 95 Fiesta a couple of years ago. I went to my local garage and they fit a new one. With it being a coded key they got a kit and made the barrel up to suit the keys. The keys didn't need to be reprogrammed, it cost £47 in all.
Fiesta Ignition Lock - Waino
Exactly the same problem occured on my wife's '95 N Fiesta last autumn. Using the old key, a new barrel was made up and fitted. The total cost including fitting and vat came to £72.
Fiesta Ignition Lock - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Having a new barrel made up to suit the existing key is the way to go.Once you have the new one providing you can persuade the old barrel to turn to the first position then it can be removed from the column after depressing the spring-loaded button on the barrel. The new barrel is fitted by inserting the key and turning to the first position, releasing the button lock and sliding it into position. If it is impossible to get the old barrel to turn you will have to remove it by breaking it up and removing it piecemeal. It is only made of Mazak so isnt too difficult, just dont go mad at it.

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Fiesta Ignition Lock - tac
hi andy yes a new ignition barrel cane be built up to suit your existing key . a new ignition lock build up kit is around £20.00 + lab . if you do need to program a new key . if you have a red key that should be the master key . to find out insert the red key into ignition turn ignition on and then off , if the red led light illuminates in clock then that is programed as the master key . to program a new key insert red key turn ignition on . then turn ignition off remove key insert key to be programed and turn ignition on again within 5 seconds key is now programed .
Fiesta Ignition Lock - Richard Turpin
My 95 Fiesta Azura has a problem you might know someting about. I bought it with only the red key. I got a new black key and the locksmith did what you said, ie red on off followed by black on off within 5 seconds. It worked but only for about an hour. then the black key no longer worked. Drove back to locksmith on red one. He cut a new black key with a new chip. Exactly the same thing happened. As the car is not worth much, can I tape the red key next to the lock and just use black keys from then on?

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