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I am wondering why my '92 Golf TDi MK3 has developed a lean to the drivers side. Measuring the height of the bodywork from the top of the wheel whilst the car is parked on a level surface, the near side wheel arch is about 1 inch higher off the ground than the offside. Therefore looking at the car from the front, the car appears to slope to the drivers side.

I am thinking that the springs are weakening on the drivers side.

Any ideas?

(The front shocks and rear bushes have just been replaced. Everything else seems OK.)
Suspension Lean - Gen
Yes, I would say change back struts. Change them as a pair though. Not an unexpected job on this age of car. Though you could check that some garage hasn't put the wrong size tyre on one side at some time. An inch isn't so much, is car driving okay?
Suspension Lean - BT1
Thanks Gen,

Tyres are all new Michellin's. Driving car is OK if a little soft on cornering (known for a Golf). What I don't know is whether the springs have weakened on the offside. Front and back offside are 1 inch lower than the near side. The clearance on the offside is therefore 30% less than the nearside meaning less available travel when using the smooth British roads.

The front shocks had no oil at all in them as the piston dropped freely under its own weight. With this in mind, the springs on the front have been working hard with the weight of the diesel engine. Hence I'm wondering about the springs.

Any thoughts?


Suspension Lean - Big John
Have the front struts/springs been re assembled OK. Something cound have been put back the wrong way round!
Check for broken springs front and rear (usually at the top or bottom and sometimes hard to spot)
Suspension Lean - BT1
Thanks Big John

I re-assembled the front as it came apart so I'm positive this is OK.

Agree with you about springs but am not sure how to spot a weak spring or cracked spring. I know all four are still in one piece but whether they are 100% I cannot easily tell.

Do you know what signs to look for?

I'm suspicious that it is one side that is down this being the drivers side where most of the unbalanced weight has been (driver!). This could equally be because the other side is up i.e. defective damper at the nearside rear.

Any thoughts???
Suspension Lean - BT1
Have taken off the front struts. Both look identical when off the car. Swapped sides so that the springs are on the opposite side. Golf now leans the other way suggesting that the spring is loosing is elasticity. Car is driving much better now although it doesn't corner too well on right hand bends.

Tempted to source replacement springs to make sure it is A-OK.

For info - the diesel engine is mounted toward the driver side of the engine bay. Together with the driver this may be why the spring on that side has weakened. Suspect the design is for left hand drive where the driver / engine will balance themselves.


Suspension Lean - Gen
You may find the replacement parts are surprisingly cheap. I replaced the top rear shocks cups (not the correct name I'm sure but hope you see what I mean) for 3.81£ from main dealer a couple of days ago. Both sides up 2 or 3inches. Unusual for these to be a problem though.

Why don't you check out the price of a couple of springs?

Are you just changing the springs around but the struts okay?
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Have a look at this site and price them up. I have no connection or purchased from them but someone told me they had an excellent deal on parts from them.
They seem to offer big discounts on older vehicle parts.
Suspension Lean - BT1
Cheers Gen

I changed the struts 2 months ago. VAG springs are £37.5 inc VAT. Am considering whether I should change them before I finally get the tracking and camber angle set professionally.



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