Discolouration of plastic parts?? - Pete
I have a number of black plastic trim parts on a ten year old car. The insides of these parts are like new, the outsides ( age and exposure to the elements ) have developed a white bloom which will not wash off.

Can anyone suggest a process or product ( other than the "Back To Black" type ) that will stop the bloom and hopefully, restore the black plastic surface ?

Thank you, petel@clara.co.uk
Discolouration of plastic parts?? - Andrew-T
Give the parts a good scrub with soap and a nailbrush. Rinse off, allow to dry fully and try Autoglym Bumper Care (which is not coloured).
Discolouration of plastic parts?? - Deryck Tintagel
I agree. I used it for years on a Cavalier with black / grey bumpers although it did wash off after a while it never looked bad.
Discolouration of plastic parts?? - none
Pete, there was a similar thread / question not too long ago. I suggested bumper paint - and was scorned. You can get away with a single aerosol can of bumper paint, and it lasts well.
Apparently our local paint supplier does a three part treatment (three cans). One is a 'texture spray' another is the final paint spray - I don't know what the third spray is, but I'm going to find out. They also match any colour.
Try the local bodyshop / paint supplier !
Discolouration of plastic parts?? - Bats
I have used Screwfix EXTERIOR TRIM SPRAY on my 1991 Pug 205 with really good results. All the black plastic bits - bumpers, mirrors, door handles, rubbing strips that had faded to a black/grey came up like new after spraying the stuff on. It is a clear liquid in an aerosol - not like the back to black type of product. There is no effort whatsoever involved and it didn't mark the paintwork or glass at all. I did all the black plastic bits in less than five minutes. Don't know how it works but it is excellent.
Discolouration of plastic parts?? - Pete
Thank you all for your replies. Will give your ideas a try.
Thanks again. Pete.
Discolouration of plastic parts?? - Rudedog
As before, Autoglym Bumper Care is great, it also removes the white overspill from body polish/wax and lasts along time before you have to reaply.

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