Replacement audio in Astra - Tony Cooper
My son wants to replace the radio/single CD audio unit (Delco ) with a Kenwood Radio/Cassette unit (that came from his old car) which will also control a multi changer CD player unit .

What will happen to the current display screen (time/temperature and radio tuning info) if the system is changed?

Will the current wiring loom plug into the new unit requiring only the multi-changer to be mounted in the boot(or wherever) and the cable connected to it and the dashboard unit?

He is being asked £50 from audio shops to install it - sounds expensive.
Re: Replacement audio in Astra - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

You don't say what age the car is, but from the description of the dashboard display it is quite a late one. Beware !! There have repotedly been several instances of non-original audio equipment causing peroblems with the engine management systems on some Vauxhalls. This is apparently because the engine management system shares some fault-finding / self-diagnosis capability with the audio system, and if the computer does not "see" the standard audio it gets the hump !!

Suggest you check with your Vauxhall dealer before proceeding, or at least check that the installers are aware of this problem.

Regards, Adam
Re: Replacement audio in Astra - John Slaughter
When we purchased our Corsa ('96 model) it had a non-original radio/CD player, which didn't drive the dashboard display. The result was that when the new radio unit was switched on the date display just disappeared, leaving the clock and temperature displays. Now our's is a older, simpler car, but, bearing Adam's warning in mind, I suspect this will be the result. Frankly it looked odd. In the end I replaced the unit with a Vauxhall CAR 400 radio cassette, which, strangely needed the display to be reprogrammed by the dealer as the original in the car was a CAR300. I note, though, that there are now some aftermarket units available which will drive the Vauxhall remote display.

Re: Replacement audio in Astra - Robin Hall
I replaced the standard unit in our 94 Astra with a Panasonic Head Unit and CD Multi Changer in the boot. I was charged £50 by a specialist but I thought it was worth it to make sure there were no problems with the cabling and connections etc. As one of the other replies states all you have in the head up display when the radio is turned on is the date & time. I have made enquiries at various places as to whether an interface cable is available but without success. One shop told me he'd heard of an interface being available for Sony units in the future but that was all. If anyone does know of a cable now being available I'd be interested as it is difficult to read the display on the radio as it is lowdown in the dash and is a very crowded display with lots of information

Re: Replacement audio in Astra - crazed idiot
there is some good info on websites such as

and similar
Re: Replacement audio in Astra - John Slaughter
Why have I spelt ours as 'our's'?

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