Xantia air-con switches itself - musicanic
My Xantia estate (Mk2) has air-con and it has started switching itself on without the dash switch depressed. The light on the dash switch comes on too. I assume it is either a faulty switch or faulty relay. Has anyone experienced this, and can anyone tell me which relay - I could then test to find out which is faulty (or could it be wiring ?). Don't want to strip fascia to get at switch if not necessary.

Xantia air-con switches itself - neil
Just a thought - there's no reference to it in the manual, but an all Mk2 Xantia's with a/c if you set the air distribution control to 'demist' you get aircon, whether or not the dash switch is on... dealer showed me. May be just that - or possibly the air distribution control cables need adjusting?
Of course being a Citroen, it could also be virtualy ANYTHING else, but good luck anyway!

Xantia air-con switches itself - musicanic
Thanks, Neil. It certainly isn't 'normal' operation, by the way the indicator flickers and the system switches on & off rapidly, but it's another possible source of the problem which I wasn't aware of. I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and strip down the dash - and probably replace the switch anyway. Thanks, again.


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